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  • wedding buddies ↠ harry styles ✓
    500K 15.7K 101

    Carrington is a normal girl who just graduated from university, has a passion for dancing and, well, eating. Harry is a normal guy who always thought would end up being a lawyer, but his life took a different path and, well, he became a successful model. When their best friends end up tying the knot, Carrington and H...

    Completed   Mature
  • lovelorn [h.s.]
    342K 14.4K 61

    [COMPLETED] lovelorn • adjective; unhappy because of unrequited love. "I just wish she knew that the boy's heart she was breaking the most was mine." ©lonelyari 2020

  • Boys in the Street || larry
    19.8K 1.3K 1

    ••complete•• harry has a homophobic dad, but he still loves louis

  • Secrets || larry
    302K 21K 22

    ••complete•• all it takes is one drunk call for them to start talking. after all, who better to tell your secrets to than a stranger

  • After I Left // Phan
    52.2K 4.4K 16

    {Sequel to Before You Leave} ❝After I left, there was so many things that hit me and that I realized. One of those things was that I missed you.❞

    Completed   Mature
  • Before You Leave // Phan
    74.6K 5.5K 17

    ❝Remember that first time we hugged at the train station? I remember seeing your face light up and I hugged you for so long, I didn't want to let go because for once, I felt complete. But that was before you left.❞

    Completed   Mature
  • Magic || larry
    2.4M 105K 36

    ••complete•• harry has an abusive boyfriend and louis moves next door

  • camouflage [h.s]
    23.9M 669K 56

    She's always been the shy girl that no one notices, but once she catches Harry's attention will things ever be the same again?

  • goodnight kisses » h.s.
    945K 27.8K 10

    [short story: ✔] ❝sometimes i wish you were awake when i do this❞ every night he'd put her to bed and kiss her lips, just wondering how it would feel if she returned them. | lowercase intended | ©2014 TypicalFangirlx all rights reserved cover by: vanja p.s. i wrote this a while back and i'm aware that it's a tad creep...

  • BLINK BACK! ryden
    4K 215 3

    ' IT WAS FOR YOU. IT WAS ALL WRITTEN FOR YOU. ' brendon gets called as ryan's emergency contact by a local hospital. this was a few years after the break up of their band.

  • Piper ~ H.S
    2.2M 71.6K 102

    ❝Mummy, why can't you marry Harry Styles?❞ *** 21-year-old Leah Marrone was never successful in love. But she is a loving and doting mother who would do anything to make her daughter smile. 4-year-old Piper Marrone is a beautiful, bubbly young girl who has lived practically fatherless all her life. She doesn't like th...