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  • Becoming Ashleigh (Editing)
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    HOPELESS ROMANTIC Creating romance into an art form. FEAR An unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm. AMBIGUOUS Open to more than one interpretation; not having one obvious meaning. BECOMING ASHLEIGH A marked change in form, nature, or appearance. Copyright © 2018 All rights reserved.

  • ZEVOR {a zendaya and trevor love story}
    4.6K 125 4

    A sixteen year old girl zendaya and boy named trevor has been best friends since they were little and they are now growimg on each other lets see were this goes

  • Don't Let Love Get Away (A Zendaya And Trevor Jackson Story)
    1.7K 52 2

    Introduction Zendaya Is An Average Teenager Whose Heart Has Been Broken Too Many Times (These Bros Aint Loyal) See What I Did There? Anyways She Moves To A New Neighborhood And Everything Has Changed For Her. She Comes Across Someone And He Catches Her Eyes And She Finds Out He Lives Right Next To Her. His Names Is Tr...

  • The Bully (An MJ Fanfic)
    59.4K 2.4K 21

    [The grammar in this isn't that good. It was my first wattpad story so cut me some slack] Makayla Willerd is in the 12th grade, she's not very liked at school, no one likes her and they're mean to her, they bully her, etc. This all started because of her bully Michael Jackson. The bullying started when they were in...

  • Twins ( Editing )
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    Hi My Name is Yn and i am the Female Twin Of My Stupid Ass Brother Rayan, Tho Sometimes we dont get along ~me: nigga you gay ray:nigga ya mother gay mom:nigga what~ I Love him like I love myself ,(ray) well technically.were the same person (yn) nigga get tf out my.intro ( ray) i wanna be in it too (yn ) Ugh Bye Yall...

  • My Lost Twin (Zonnique & Yn Story)
    57.2K 2.8K 48

    "So basically what you're telling me is that I actually have a twin sister & you've been keeping this from me for 16 years?!" How could my mother, my own fucking mother tell me that I have a twin after sixteen years? She could've told me this when I was at least like twelve. "Yn, I'm sorry. I've should've told you th...