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  • The King of Remmant (Male Gilgamesh reader x Rwby)
    5.6K 122 7

    After his defeat Gilgamesh now floated in a void still not believing that he had lose but what will happen where he's reincarnated into a new world where only females can become huntsmen and he becomes the King of huntsmen An Au where only females have semblances

  • The Ronin (male reader x rwby harem)
    19.2K 319 9

    My name is y/n just y/n Years ago I wanted to become huntsman only to be let down and bullied by the people I called friends now I'm a hunter but must call me a Ronin and I like it . The white fang killed my parents and my little sister even though they've been supportive of the white fang when they were pacifists I...

  • RWBY x reader
    11.3K 161 5

    You are a boy who can create and control Grimm you were kicked out of your village for what your people called being a monster so naturally you're cold to people but a girl warms your heart

  • Jaune is OUT
    33.1K 553 16

    Betrayed by his friends disowned by his family getting kicked out of beacon and being sent to prison for a crime he didn't commit Jaune has had enough meeting a mentor in prison Jaune learns how to survive this cruel world and when he gets out 4 months later he decides to build a new family of people like him the outc...

  • Rip and Tear!(Abused Doomslayer reader x Rwby/MHA/DMC/Fairy Tail/Highschool DXD)
    14.7K 261 12

    Read to find out A/n: Also multiple anime and video games taking place in the same world also Seven Deadly Sins And Date A Live is also involved

  • The Lone Hunter (REJECTED Male Hunter X RWBY)
    8.3K 252 4

    Y/N is rejected by the girls from Beacon Academy. What happens when the girls realize what they did to him have a consequence? Will he be the same person he once was? Or will he move on, leaving them behind like they did to him?

  • I Am The One Eyed Owl (RWBY X Abused OC)
    68.9K 1.1K 41

    You were once a member of the Rose/Brawnen/Xialong family. But however they abused and neglected you. When you left for beacon things didn't get better since you were bullied. So you went into the Emerald Forest to kill your self until you discovered your semblance. Now you are back for revenge.

  • Single male mizutsune Faunus father reader x Arslan Atlan
    6.9K 98 11

    Being a single father ain't easy, but worth while.

  • Rwby x extremely op male reader
    28.9K 406 14

    You are the most strongest thing EVER in the world of remenant Let's see what the hell happens when a situation like this occurs

  • Hated male OP reader and Massive Harem
    14.6K 194 9

    Your the son of Raven Branwen and Tia Xia Long you are the only male in the family you thought you would have a good life but your family abused and neglected you when you went to beacon you thought your life would be better but the students bullied and abused for being a male and the staff ignore you while the headm...

  • Warlord Titan
    2.2K 33 5

    Jaune Arc is a marter to beacon with everyone turning there backs against him forcing Jaune to try and work harder to be accepted until the weeks pass and his life is getting harder, his weapon destroyed, Team Rwby and npr casted him out and Ozpin expelled Jaune while not pressing charges. Jaune now aims to end his sh...

    Completed   Mature
  • Who needs an Aura? (Bullied male reader x Rwby)
    18.6K 327 3

    Y/n was bullied by RWBY JNPR CRDL and SSSN because he has no aura. The teachers didnt do anything about it and leave him alone. One day his mother the huntress empress finds out and decides to take action and train her son. Let's see what he becomes

  • Comeback (Male bullied reader x Rwby)
    74.6K 638 14

    Yeah I'm making another Rwby story

  • Hacking Hearts (Cheated and Bullied Hacker x Rwby/SDS/DMC/AGA/SFN/FF)
    34.2K 456 13

    Cheated on and bullied you left a place you hated and created a new life for yourself along the way you plot your revenge and hacks some hearts

  • Bullied Male Titan x RWBY
    37.1K 269 9

    Don't mess with a Titan and a Hunter

  • The Rogue Raven (abused and neglected Male!Reader x RWBY)
    8.4K 129 2

    "Some say only the strong survive. Well, there are many types of strong." ~Y/N Harbinger Formerly Y/N Branwen The second of the (Abused and Neglected Male Reader x RWBY) series, won the voting poll with 9 votes. I don't own RWBY, as it belongs to Rooster teeth. I only own the story and my OCs.

  • RWBYDARK:Vengeance:(Abused Ghost Rider male reader x RWBY)
    24.5K 442 9

    This is a tale of a boy who has gotten abused since a young age,where he would get beat by his dad for nothing,his mother would neglect him,his aunts would rape him,and his sisters would abuse and make fun of him in every way possible. until one day they went to far and he died. but came back as something more. He is...

  • The Holy Flame of Destruction:OP Cinder little Brother x RWBY Harem
    16.6K 224 6

    The title says everything. Also, I own absolutely nothing!!!!

  • Poisonous Rose
    5.8K 74 7

    Abused and Neglected poison Spider-Man x RWBY

  • Female Cheaters X Male Reader
    67.4K 465 10


  • The Broken Rose
    8.6K 140 2

    Abused, Bullied & Cheated Male Reader x RWBY. Your name is Y/N Rose. Well it WAS your name. You were abused, bullied and cheated on. After awhile you had enough and wanted to commit suicide, but someone stopped you. That someone was the one, who changed your life FOREVER. He was the one, who gave you a PURPOSE to live...

  • Cheater RWBY and Pyrrha x yandere male reader x RWBY harem
    72.8K 737 28

    First story ever. *Pops confetti* Yaaaaaayyy.... why are you still reading this? Also RWBY belongs to Rooster teeth

  • lone Rose (abused and neglected male reader x rwby)
    222K 1.7K 24

    this is my first story so please be nice to you were Ruby and Yang's brother but they always pick and hit you till you just snapped and ran away and became a singer who is know through all the kingdoms but what happens when you go to beacon and find "them" I don't own rwby it belongs to rooster teeth

  • abused and neglected male subzero reader x rwby
    16.6K 176 6

    a kid abused by his family never loved or anything thrown outside during the winter to stay out there for hours each day but what happens when he gets his powers from being left out in the cold and they try to beat on him only to fight back

  • Trace (Hacker Male Reader X RWBY Harem)
    259K 6.1K 51

    (Y/N) 'Trace' (L/N) is Remnant's biggest hacker and best infiltrator. The only problem is he works for the criminal side, but a certain Headmaster and General are determined to get him back. Things are going to get interesting. Cover done by @OneInconsistentBoi

  • Demonic god of rwby
    10.2K 141 9

    Yandere rwby harem x Male OP reader x highschool dxd x akame ga kill x re zero x fate series x clockwork planet x machine doll x is this a zombie? X Date a live x IS infinite stratos x sword art online x tokyo ghoul x to love ru golden darkness x heaven's lost property x black rock shooter x fire emblem series x stel...

  • cheater RWBY x malelilotreader
    1.7K 8 3

    Y/n l/n the smartrst mind in remnant was working on a project to help all of remnant with the grimm intil they betrayed him

  • Abusive&CheatingNDGOxCaringRWBYPNxDepressedMaleFaunusReader(DISCONTINUED)
    34.7K 400 9

    RWBY is owned by Rooster Teeth

    Completed   Mature
  • Back from the dead (Male abused reader x Rwby)
    23.1K 307 4

    My name is (y/n) Schnee and I ran away from home because I could not take anymore abuse from my family until I lost my life but I have some how come back.