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  • Til Death Do Us Part
    11.2K 99 8

    " I felt a tear escaping my eyes. I put the locket around my neck and held it close to my heart feeling as though he was there. I know me and him may not have been together technically but we were together through the heart. I loved him and he loved me. But if this is true why did he leave? And if he did leave how can...

  • Its No Secret Im MINDLESS
    1.3M 10.4K 66

    Lexi Montez is a sister of young supermodel, Nina Montez, and dance prodigy, Nick Montez. She is never noticed, but she gets her heartache out through obsessing over the hottest new band, Mindless Behavior. When she accidently meets them while they're trying to go back to being normal kids for the summer, she has to t...

  • I'm In Love With A Celebrity That Doesnt Even Know Me.. (Continuing! :D)
    323K 1.1K 60

    For a 13 - year old girl, getting straight - A's, or making the team, would be awesome or grand for you right? Or when you date the head jock? Or maybe the head jerk of the school, is embarassing, right? Well for 13 - year old Kayla, after being caught dancing by the famous hot new group, Mindless Behavior, will her l...

  • I'm In Love With A Celebrity That Doesn't Even Know Me: College Sequel.
    92.1K 502 40

    No need. If you read the first book, you should already know. ;]

  • mindless behavior love story!
    84.4K 448 32

    well i love MB I'm team mindless! sooo yea and i love to write and read! and theirs drama Love and sadness in it also!

  • Is He Your Mr. Right? (Mindless Behavior Love Story)
    324K 2.5K 33

    How do you know who your Mr. Right is?

  • Love Doesn't Always Last ~ A Mindless Behavior,Ray Ray Love Story~
    259K 1.7K 25

    Ray Ray Has Made Scarlet's Life Hell Ever Since The Beginning Of High School. What Happends When He " Accidentaly" Hits Her, In The Head, With A Sharp Rock And Has To Take Care Of Her Until She Is Better? Will He Fall In-Love? Will Scarlet Ever Forgive Ray? Read And Find Out!

  • He Plays It Like He's A Superstar★ (A Mindless Behavior Sequel) [UNEDITED]
    2M 28.5K 54

    After a long 4 months in Paris, the gang is heading back to the states for the 'Summer Love' tour. It's gonna be one scorchin' summer with drama along the way. On top of that, they're starting 10th grade! But what happens when your boyfriend hangs out with the wrong crowd and starts erasing your existence? Ask Jassie...

    Completed   Mature
  • She Plays It Like She's NOT Mindless (A Mindless Behavior Story) [UNEDITED]
    3.7M 44.1K 42

    **MY EXTREMELY BASIC STORY** What if Mindless Behavior went to your school for a whole semester? Meet Jas'marieé. She thinks they're a bunch of toolbags coming to break girls' hearts. Quickly, she finds out they're too nice...and warms up to them. Princeton and Roc Royal bet on who she'll like first since they like he...

  • Living Mindless (Editing)
    173K 1.2K 39

    Mekaya, Tynetta, Elisabeth and Kathleen are 4 bestfriends from ATL. They are all beautiful and talented. That talent of theirs givess them an opportunity of a lifetime. They accept it expecting fame and romance. But no one told them about the drama they would also get in to. They just wanted it a good life or what the...

    Completed   Mature