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  • Memories (A Tragic Love Story Book 1 ) (Being rewritten)
    13K 314 24

    In the middle of being rewritten so if there are blanks or something jumps somewhere else its being rewritten. Reika is an orphan living on the streets of a very small town. She has no family as far as she knows. All the villagers despise her because a man in an orange mask told them that she would be the cause a gre...

  • Never Too Late (A Naruto Fan Fic)
    23K 637 9

    "No one knows... I lost my soul long ago.." Anger and agony are better than misery, or so some might say. One of those "some" would just happen to be Ebony. Not a lot is known about her - not her surname, where she came from, who her family are, she seems to be a mystery. What did she mean by 'losing her soul long ag...

  • The Avenger's Lone Samurai (Sasuke)
    10.6K 314 6

    Kyoumei a mysterious girl that Sasuke found in the snow bloody and barely breathing pledges her loyalty to him for saving her.

  • Hidden Past [Book One] [DISCONTINUED/MOVED]
    20.5K 415 37

    [THIS VERSION IS DISCONTINUED. YOU CAN FIND A REVISED AND REVAMPED VERSION ON MY PROFILE] A young wandering kunoichi travels alone in search for her memories. It isn't long before she arrives in Konoha in hopes of finding something there. When secrets become unveiled, it become clear that she's no ordinary genin. How...

  • The Forgotten
    4.6K 94 8

    In a world full of ninja what is going to happen to a poor little girl who can't even remember her name? Will she grow in the village hidden in the leaves to be a great ninja? Or will she die in the journey to learn about her past?

  • There, Here, and Back again. (A Naruto Fanfic)
    284K 6.5K 43

    Nakira is an orphan, shunned, alone. But.... It never really bothered her. She's a Kunoichi from the Village Hidden in Leaves. Plus she's a friend of Naruto's. This is her, slightly witty, sarcastic as hell, annoying, fun-filled, emo (Sauske), lonely, happy, funny story. ** Wrote this five years ago, its really bad...

  • Life In The Akatsuki (Shippuden Fan Fic)
    82.7K 2.2K 22

    Life in the Akatsuki can be...entertaining? Well, of course, when Yuki Konishi lives there. But it can be hard. Especially when thoughts of Uchiha Sasuke plague you, and the leader thinks you're annoying. But who doesn't think Konishi is annoying? :) Anyways, Konishi is put through a new set of problems, that could po...

  • Orochimaru-sama
    8.1K 101 2

    Yuuki was saved by Orochimaru when she was younger and was adopted by him after her village was massacured. Years later after Ocohimaru betrayed Konoha Yuuki vows to bring him back no matter what. But when a new mission is assigned to her by the ANBU leaders will darker secret be unfolded. What does three normal gen...

  • Good Golly My Little Lolly: Dangerous Paths (Book 2)(Discontinued)
    24K 621 26

    It's been six months since Lolly Shinjukaze had left the Leaf Village. She has since then retreated back into her shell and despite anyone's efforts won't come out. On the horizon is as always the looming threat of Soren and his unknown plan. However when Lolly is sent back to the Leaf Village and sees Shikamaru again...

  • Out of One World and Into the Next (Naruto FanFic)
    487K 13K 64

    Lux is a five year old orphan living on the streets, then one day out of the blue she finds herself in the Naruto world 3 years before the series really begins and ends up with the most unlikely to find out who! ALSO book 2: The Return Of LUX the sequel of this story has been added onto this.

  • Alone in Both Worlds (Kakashi)
    1.1M 33.7K 73

    Asoka Rose is an isolated girl who lives her life in her fantasy. Her sanity had been lost long ago. And as she is transported into the Naruto World. Her home,and perhaps a (big) crush has been found as she is brought to the world of Naruto. Will she remain Alone? As she had been for all her life? (This...

  • A Twisted Love Story ~Naruto fan fic~
    185K 3.5K 27

    Mizuki Kiyomizu appears to be your average Leaf Village Genin, but soon she discovers her life is not all it appears to be. It all starts when she goes on a mission and falls in love.. But from there she leads a confused path as she makes countless wrong and right decisions, makes unlikely friends and discovers the tr...

  • We're All Made Of Stardust
    114K 4.3K 56

    ¥ Ѡє'rяє Ѧłł Ϻѧժԑ Θf ֆʈѧяժʊϛʈ ¥ A tale of love, death, and tragedy. Young Mist Genin Reira Kiseki arrives Konoha expecting her chance to become a Chuunin with her her brother Ryukyu and her other teammate Rena. Reira "Rei" Kiseki is annoying, loud, and for lack of a better word, stupid. All she ever thinks about...

  • Whoa Awesome i'm in Naruto!! :D : Naruto Fan Fic
    133K 4.2K 21

    Alice is a weak and very sick girl who spends her life in the hospital watching naruto,sleeping, eating, and watching some more naruto (You can say Alice is a fan of the anime XD). But one day on Alice's 9th birhthday she wishes to live a life where she isn't sick all the time... to be free and possibly live in the...

  • The Rogue's Love
    135K 4K 26

    Tikoto Raikou is sick of the village life. Once housed in The Leaf Village, now a rogue. She meets a very interesting bunch along her journey, and they just so happened to be exactly what she was looking for. The Akatsuki. Whilst having dangerous fun with her newly found friends, she takes a special liking to the Red...

  • A Wicked Nightmare Is A Lovely Thing. †Naruto† Book One: Back In the Days
    50.6K 1.6K 23

    I am Your Worst Nightmare. Your Biggest Fear. All People Shall Hate Me. I will spill blood, and I will spill a lot. I Am Wicked Nightmare. Jaakuna Naitomea's life is crazy- literally. She is a Jashin, and boy does she love the sight of blood. When Hidan leaves to go join the Akatsuki, Jaakuna has nothing else to do b...

  • Curse of the shinobi
    13.2K 277 13

    You know how most fan-fics about Naruto are sucked in or they play a special part? Well, this is both!!! It's one-of-a-kind!!! Hira is a young girl who is Naruto obsessed. At first, not everything, will be true to this description, but in like the 18th chapter or so, it will become even more Awsome!!! Hira is sucked...

  • Stuck In Naruto: Shippuden (Stuck In Naruto sequel)
    575K 19.9K 35

    Akira (Alison) has been training with the Akatsuki to be stronger... what will happen when she goes back to Konoha? Does she still have feeling for Kiba?

  • Obssesed (Sasuke Love Story)
    23.5K 177 8

    Analia Okaze and her brother Sanen has been running from Orochimaru for years now and found luck for a few years in an obsured village. But there luck had run out and they are on the run again and happen to find the Village Hidden in Leaves or better known as Konaha. Nobody knows the secret they have been harbering of...

  • The Village Weapon
    19.9K 887 10

    There is a young girl that made a mistake with man who she thought she had fallen in love with. That mistake was Kurami. An evil child. Just like her father had planned. Kurami does not know right from wrong, only what her father has taught her on those dark nights in the forest. And with his orders, she destroys all...

  • The New Generation
    72K 2.7K 27