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  • Huling Hiling (COMPLETED)
    480 187 8

    Huling Hiling ng taong mahal mo. Kaya mo bang ibigay kung ang kapalit naman nito ay kasiyahan subalit mabubuhay ka sa kasinungalingan para lang matago kung ano ang totoo?

  • Just Another Story
    466 116 13

    This is a collection of one shot stories. Pain, heartache, love, crush, inspiration, betrayal, kilig, smile, sweet.. ©CapriceKiara All rights Reserved

    1.2K 372 16

    Galit ang tanging nararamdaman ni Dale matapos patayin ang kan'yang pamilya. Gusto n'yang malaman kung sino'ng gumawa nito, kung anong pakay nito at kung anong atraso nila rito. Gusto n'yang managot ang taong may kagagawan nito. Hindi siya titigil hangga't hindi niya nalalaman kung sino ang pumatay sa kaniyang magulan...

  • Dear J, (Epistolary Novel)
    1.7K 875 23

    This is my voiceless and unheard love for J. How I wish that through this letter I could finally tell him, how much I love him and how much he mean to me. 1st Place🥇 in #AutumnAwardsPH #PHTimes2019 Started: Nov 2018 Finished:

  • My Boyish Ghost | ON-HOLD
    1.7K 1K 9

    Axcielle, a lady who died without knowing the culprit and how she died. Now, she will be living not as a human but as a ghost. She has a mission to accomplish and that is to find a partner that would help her to find her body. Kreion, a man who doesn't like flirty girls. He will encounter a boyish girl that suddenl...

  • Writer's Bookclub (CLOSED)
    1.2K 157 9

    (✔) Active (As in active na active don't worry hindi ako ng iindian. Naranasan ko din kasing maindian

  • Aesthetic Book Club (OPEN)
    4.1K 1.3K 30

    🎉Hi/Hello!!!! mga ka wattpad users!🎉 Please join this book club, you can gain reads, followers and vomments 😗 Thank you for joining😙 Thank you for the amazing book cover @Eyesmile_Girl18

  • Project LOKI V1-V2 (#Wattys2016 Winner)
    43.3M 1.3M 84

    Join Lorelei and Loki as they unravel the threads of mystery, unveil the masks of evil intentions and put together the pieces of the puzzle in their adventures. Looking for the third volume of the detective series? Read it here: ✓Soon to be published under PSIC...

  • The Hunt
    1.7K 463 11

    How long will you keep on running away from the danger? Are you willing to suffer just for the safety of your love ones? Will you sacrifice your happiness? Find out for more inside! *** This is a BTS fanfic. This fanfic was done through putting all ideas together from our group chat in ARMY AMINO app. Co-writers: @roy...

  • When The World Turns Upside Down
    3.9K 1.3K 49

    Highest Rank: #30 in ADVENTURE "A GREEK MYTHOLOGY FANFICTION" They live in a world where nothing is hot except for the food they eat. They live in a cruel world, nothing was left but a total despair and a cold atmosphere. How can they even survive? How can a stupid girl be the world'...

  • The Mega Watt Awards 2017 (CLOSED)
    8.2K 1.6K 29

    2017 [CLOSED] 2018 [OPEN] (Separate Book) Highest Ranking: #17 in RANDOM Mega Watt Awards 2017 is open for genres stated inside the book and status as long as you passed the eligibility requirements. For more information please read and add this to your reading list for updates. This is open for Filipino/Taglish Stori...