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  • The way he wants to be.
    194 8 1

    Sonic has always spent his life,being defined as a hero,as a legend,but how can you call yourself such things when you can't even be yourself?

  • Save Me
    3.2K 88 4

    Sonic had a thought. A very ugly one. One he actually thought about thinking going evil since most of his enemies changed their ways. He wanted to be the villain, he wanted to be saved! He wanted people to suffer and bow down to him. He can only do this at night. Since that day, he only been wanting to be around Shado...

  • Got It - Sonadow
    1.1K 74 1

    Shadow believes Sonic is cheating on him when he discovers his mate texting another man. But what will he do once he finally has his proof? Read more to find out!!

  • Shadow's Wild
    12.1K 670 13

    Businessman Shadow the Hedgehog is a difficult and frustrating man to please. However, to make his recently dull lifestyle a bit more exciting, he decides to purchase an exotic pet. Said pet eventually comes in the form a rather intelligent creature, a South American beast known as a Wild by the name of Sonic. Howev...

    Completed   Mature
  • The one who stayed //Sonadow//
    30.5K 1.3K 26

    It's hard being left behind. It's hard to be the one who stays. Shadow was created to be the ultimate lifeform. Strong, capable, steady, and willing. Some say he is like a time bomb, one wrong move and he can unleash a power so strong you wont stand a chance. Some say he is heartless, a being without emotion. Its not...

  • It's More Then Just a Mission
    6K 208 4

    Shadow is the top agent for G.U.N. He is highly depended on and the best trained out of all the agents, and this comes to show when he is hired to take on his most important mission yet, but what happens when this mission doesn't turn out quite as he expects?

  • sonadow-bitten.....
    2.3K 73 4

    shadow joins a group of vampire killers because he absolutely hates them, but once he joins he sees a girl....a girl thats so pretty, so sweet, nothing at all like other girls......he grows to like her......but soon as he starts working at his new job he discovers that, that girl that he has grown feelings tords is a...

  • ill save you from him...(sonadow,mephonic,or sonamy)
    3K 124 10

    I think u already know ;)

  • You Are Mine
    58.9K 1.5K 11

    When Sonic runs into his old rival, he finds out something he never knew about Shadow. Since he never knew the secret, he didn't know whether it was new or a secret kept for a long time.

    Completed   Mature
  • My king (sonadow)
    46.3K 2K 45

    Not gonna ruin the surprise so gotta read the story to find out. But it is a Sonadow fanfic made a long time ago so it won't be the best at first so sorry hope you enjoy it.

  • Sonourge
    11.7K 269 10

    Sonourge. none explanation needed

  • SORRY! (Sonuckles)
    2.8K 52 5

    Sonic may or may not have smashed the Master Emerald...

  • The Popular Hedgehog
    96.7K 4K 30

    Sonic with his two friends Knuckles and Tails graduated from junior high and went to the next step, which is high school. when Sonic made two new friends, they told him about the popular kid on school that might have a crush on him. !!WARNING!! YAOI SONADOW LEMONS

    Completed   Mature
  • For the Love of Us
    58.7K 2.9K 39

    The government is in control of the city, and those who live there are divided into two classes: High and Low. No in between. In this city those who are born get their partners chosen for them. Sonic is one of them, by the age of eighteen he is told to move in with his chosen partner, Knuckles. The problem is he and...

  • The Failed Experiment
    51.9K 1.4K 16

    Dr.Eggman kidnaps Sonic and does an experiment on him, hoping to put Sonic under his control but Eggman ends up turning Sonic part cat. Now Tails is figuring how to turn him back while Shadow take care of him. Wonder what will happen? Read to find out!

  • Shadow's Son
    127K 5.4K 32

    Is parenthood really all it's cracked up to be? Can Shadow, the Ultimate lifeform, be able to care for not only one, but two children? ...looks like you'll have to read and find out. (WARNING: Many of these chapters have terrible grammar and the story over all doesnt make much sense most of the time, but i keep it her...

  • Sonadow Oneshots
    22K 714 22

    Sonadow short stories these are not mine! I Repeat these are not mine!!! So credit to all the people who did these stories.