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  • bipolar一 j.hoseok
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    like turning off the light° @taehyungs- 2016

  • gone » kim namjoon
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    I should have told you that I love you before it was too late.

  • strings | namjoon
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    "how hard is it to find a damn cello player?"

  • pretty | namjoon
    1.8M 99.7K 20

    "you certainly do make me feel pretty." (TRIGGER WARNING - eating disorder, self-harm.)

  • wi-fi password | yoongi
    3.1M 179K 15

    "hey so my wi-fi kinda broke down and i was wondering if i could use your wi-fi? if yes, what's your wi-fi password?" in which a girl who tries to figure out her neighbour's wi-fi password.

  • bonnie & clyde » taehyung
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    i saw people raise their arms with two fingers in the air. their middle and index fingers forming a 'v', and so i asked what this symbol could mean. and no one, really no one, could explain it to me. could it be a sign of peace or a 'v' for violence? ➳ in which a piano man and a prostitute/singer somehow get stu...

    Completed   Mature
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    a simple game wasn't supposed to lead to a series of murders. © NATSUUFT. a bangtan fanfiction. completed.