JohnnyWolf's Reading List

  • Dead Girl Walking (Watty Awards, 2012)
    1.1K 67

    Nikki Owens is dead. Of course, now that the deed is done she realizes that suicide was a big mistake. Now she's determined to gain back her old lifestyle in a...

  • The Half Blooded Series
    • CARLI123
    • 2 Parts
    • Updated Dec 09, 2011 03:14AM
    1.8K 160

    ~Awarded Top Ten Finalist Winner in the Lisa McMann Writing Contest~ Trust nobody, and fear everyone. Lucy has been on the run ever since she was sixteen...

  • Before the Sky Fell
    863K 9.8K

    [Featured Story and Wattpad Prize Winner 2014] When 17-year-old Whik finds a magical relic and uses it to create an alternate reality, a cynical murderer inva...

  • Purple Pants Power
    330 31

    What if we weren’t alone in the universe? For Olivia and Maura, the question never came to mind while they were living their everyday lives. After strange occu...

  • Hey Ms. McClain, I'm older than you (Completed)
    156K 2.7K

    “Kill him?” My voice came out quiet. “What about Amy then?” I challenged after a moment. He seemed to see how what he said was affecting me, and smiled. It wa...

  • Life Among Shadows
    38.3K 863

    My name is Vivid Matthews, not Vivian, and something terrible happened to me before i was shipped off to my dad's place, but i'm not going to get into that now...

  • A Crimson Tainted Past (On Hold)
    1.3K 167

    Who do you turn to when people around you are being mercilessly killed... by demons. Trained from a young age, a young man fights his way to become the world's...

  • In the Aftermath
    • rboy03
    • 12 Parts
    • Updated Jun 15, 2012 01:03AM
    3.1K 108

    Ethan was there when it happened: the end of the world. Everything he knew, everything he loved were now gone. Though the average teenager was lucky to surv...

  • What You Don't Know
    2.1K 90

    After witnessing the murder of her best friend and escaping the attempted murder on herself, Kennedy Russo went from being a happy-go-lucky girl to a emotionle...

  • Aries Academy of the Unknown
    6.3K 257

    In a surprising turn of events after being kidnapped by a rogue vampire, Phoebe Nightingale is transferred to Aries Academy, a mystical boarding school unbekno...

  • Living Your Nightmare
    982 82

    This Halloween, Ellie, James, Sophia, Harry, and Claire, decide to dress up as their greatest fear, but a change in fate causes them to be trapped in their nig...

  • How I See You
    276K 3.3K

    High school ripped them apart, and now it's bringing them back together again.

  • Hulda and the Elf-Knight
    77 2

    A lady falls in love with a married knight. A story about foxes, evil spirits and runes.

  • Changing Him
    475K 7.3K

    Meet Alice Hayden, who was once best friends with a boy named James Cooper. They were like two peas in a pod, at least until high school. Whether as a joke or...

  • The Secrets of the Night *ON HOLD*
    5.5K 452

    The Secrets of the Night is currently ON HOLD. As of now, I have decided to discontinue my efforts in writing this story mainly due to my studies (A student ca...

  • It Started with Skinny Jeans
    196K 2.4K

    Aria Jenson had been excited to be returning to Art Haven, a summer art camp she'd been attending since her previous summer. Being an artist is something she's...

  • Our Beach
    16K 279

    Jace is living the high life. His parents are paying to get him into college anyway, so studying isn't an issue, he has girls lining up across the block just t...

  • Life as a Teenage Ghost
    3.8K 93

    "Hello, I am Alex... And I am a teenage ghost." Alex Montgomery, fun, nice, responsible, and pretty. Is what comes to mind of her. Alex was killed in her Fr...

  • The New Boy [boyxboy]
    1.3M 24.2K

    Alex thinks he has the perfect relationship with boyfriend Gary. When Dexter moves in next door to Alex, things start to get complicated. Everyone Dexter meet...

  • Woken
    6.9K 346

    White. It is such a pretty color, a pretty thing to die looking at, He thought as he looked at the sky. He had always been associated with such dark, wicked co...