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  • Adopted by the Greek Gods
    19.3K 252 20

    A young girl suffering from negligence after her mother dies. She gets adopted by the Greek Gods. Follow along as she learns to love again, and possibly even a bit about herself.

  • The Irish Student - The Middle Fanfic
    12.5K 236 11

    Ronnie Malloy is an exchange student from from Ireland coming to stay with the Hecks for six months. She comes to America to learn and get away from her crumbling home life. What happens when she discovers something better than education and a better safer home?

  • One Heart- The Greatest Showman
    264K 6.2K 109

    This is a story about Phillip Carlyle and Elizabeth Gray - a close friend of Anne's who joins the circus with her. Elizabeth and Phillip instantly attracted to one another. However, Elizabeth knows her place in society and questions whether or not Phillip's world and her world will ever meet. Will Elizabeth and Phill...

  • Love Unites All
    6.9K 203 7

    They speak of a prophecy. A girl with treacherous blood shall unite With hair as white as snow Lips as red as blood And eyes as blue as the sea This child will unite the big three Disclaimer: all I own is my OC. There shall be Percy Jackson characters throughout the story. There will be mature themes and a polyamoro...

  • The Spark In Us | Full House
    39.1K 711 30

    (COMPLETED) After a devastating breakup, Snow Gilbert was in trouble, trying to live. Danny Tanner, an old friend of hers, noticed what was happening and took her in. On the day that Snow meets, Jesse Katsopolis and Joseph, or Joey, Gladstone, Her and Jesse had a spark happen between them. Will they be able to love? O...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blue sky -trailers (Open)
    1.6K 149 16

    What your story's to come to life you come to the right place Cover by L1GHTN1NGBL4ZE

  • 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐔𝐧𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰𝐧 𝐂𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐭𝐨𝐧
    8.6K 711 57

    • Highest ranking: #1 in elizabethgillies, samandcat, nathankress / #4 in victoriajustice / #5 in iCarly / #6 in victorious • The Carringtons reunite with Falcon Carrington, a child that has been living away from the family. Will her life be turned into a living nightmare just like the rest of her family's?

    Completed   Mature
  • Paper & Rocks (a Office Fanfic)
    6.5K 153 5

    Jacqueline or Jac Bratton moves to America to live with her father Creed when her mother Izabella passes away. Creed bring her in to Dunder Mifflin so she can get a job. After some convincing Micheal hires her as a HR Rep with Toby. No one knows that she's Creed's daughter. Everyone just thinks she's a new girl. Hi...

  • The Lake House
    72.2K 1.4K 7

    Kaylee Davis is the niece to Marcus Higgens and ends up tagging along with her parents to Coach Buzzer's funeral. There she meets Lenny 'Hollywood' Feder and his family and the rest of the Grown Ups gang. Soon her family is invited down to the old lake house for the weekend and instantly becomes friends with Lenny's s...

  • The First Day Of Summer (Sequel to The Lake House)
    134K 2.4K 16

    Three years after that epic summer at the lake house, the Feder family has found themselves back in Lenny's hometown...and that means a whole new ballgame for Greg and Kaylee. But what do you get when you throw in some lame frat boys, a mentally unstable bus driver, an unknown buffed up cousin and the first day of sum...

  • A Princess? *On Hold*
    7.2K 97 4

    What if Princess Diana and Prince Charles secretly had a daughter, that only Diana knew? What if before she was off to a better place she gave her beloved daughter to her bestest friend? What if 16 years had past and this daughter of hers has grown into a beautiful young lady, who is unaware that she's a princess? ~~~...

  • The Strength of a Queen
    3.8K 30 8

    Newly married royals William and Meredith are terrified when tragedy strikes. Their first year of marriage goes from relaxed to absolutely crazy within months. Find out what happens in this exciting sequel to "A Royal in Progress".

  • My Class Is Weird (Sherlock, DW, Merlin and lots of other things: fanfic)
    108K 4.8K 14

    Rosie Walker is starting at her new school, terrified of what it will be like. But in a class with some very, very interesting individuals, what could go wrong? -This is pure randomness guys haha :) but hope you enjoy :) - (This fanfic contains Sherlock, DW, Merlin, Avengers, Harry Potter, Mortal Instruments/Inferna...

  • Henry - Ship Trailer Shop [CLOSED FOREVER] [1]
    9.6K 2.1K 136

    A shop where I make trailers for your couples from tv shows, movies or ones you just made up Cover By @-Emmahayley-

  • Supergirl studio And Traliers
    2.7K 307 58

    Watch your Book couples come life with your ship tralier

  • Turner - A Ship trailer shop
    7.3K 491 75

    Do you want your two coupes from your books to come to life you came to the right place Cover by L1GHTN1NGBL4ZE

  • Jinger and Jana Run Away
    3.5K 75 10

  • Character Ideas
    56.6K 3K 153

    A book of ideas. A lot of my original ideas were lost when Wattpad deleted my original account.

  • Shadowhunters [Graphics Shop] [Open] [2]
    5.2K 913 68

    Read the rules and requested on the request page Cover By Me

  • Duke and Duchess of cambridge daughter
    57.5K 1K 28

    Stacey Elizabeth Diana is a 16 year old girl who happens to be Kate Middleton's, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince Williams, Duke of Cambridge, daughter. She was born before they got married and was nearly dismissed as a commoner due to being conceived while her parents were not married. Now she has two younger sib...

  • 𝐌𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐩𝐮𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐞 ⋅°☆⋅𝐓𝐔𝐀⋅☆°⋅𝐁𝐞𝐧 𝐇𝐚𝐫𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐬
    106K 2.2K 23

    Instead of 7 he got 8.Number Zero is one of 8 children Reginald Hargreeves could get hold of. She had the abilities to conjure one's fear, manipulate space, time,energy,minds ,all matter on earth and reality itself. She was a peculiar one, having so many abilities. She was brought back to Reginald's mansion with her t...

  • Sea Salt »Book 1«
    10.7K 375 12

    Everything was Normal until Niki spilled the secret that changed her life. This is a Mako Mermaids Fanfic! I hope you enjoy! Please vote on all of the chapters. *****I do not own any of the characters from the shows*****

  • Rose's Older Sister (Dimitri Belikov Love Story)
    123K 3K 49

    What happens when Rose Hathaway has a older sister, who catches the eye of a certain Russian Guardian.

  • The Loveliest Goddess
    5.5K 174 4

    Percilla (Percy) Jackson thought herself done with the drama from the Gods after she defeated Kronos. Unfortunately, the Gods are aren't finished with her yet. Hecate is fading- fast. And she has just the demigod in mind to replace her. DISCLAIMER!!!!! This is a reverse harem. There will be darker themes throughout...

  • plot shop
    9K 235 29

    ' if no one from the future stops you from doing it, how bad can it be? ' • {MARVEL} {HARRY POTTER} {TEEN WOLF} {TWILIGHT} {TVO/TO}

  • Coming soon books
    709 37 6

    Where I put my ideas for books I plan on creating, I will also have votes so you can decide which one you want me to do next! Most of them will be TVD, TO, teen wolf, twilight, maybe the avengers I'm still debating on that one or other show or movies you would like to recommend

  • The Mermaids Of Mako Island
    13.7K 392 19

    No one has ever been on mako island in 5 years,because some people thinks it's either haunted or dangerous. The last people who last visted mako were four friends and after they graduated high school,no has ever have sat foot on mako island since. Until Now....follow the adventure of three new friends,Chloe,Eva,and Ri...

  • Mako Mermaids(Book Two)
    6.6K 224 23

    The girls are back and there's a new girl in town named Christina Watsford and she just transferred schools because she wanted to go to the same school her cousin did. She also might cause a little trouble between Luke and Chloe...and the rest of the girls as well. Also the girls powers might get greatly augmented...

  • Mako Mermaids:Island Home(Book Three)
    2.4K 64 26

    In this final story,It's nearly the end of the holidays and Chloe and Riley are about to face their last year of high school without Eva, who has graduated early and gone overseas with her family. Together with Luke, they're confident they know everything there is to know about Mako Island, especially now that they no...