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  • Playing With The Heart (RWBY Male Reader)
    7.6K 119 9

    (Y/N) Branwen protects his family above all else, but when his faith and mind are tested, how will he react? Will he succumb to his rage? Or will he continue to protect his family? RWBY Male Reader x Cinder

  • Fate
    510 27 4

    Reincarnation, the cycle of life that existed even before the first gods are chosen. Life, something sought after by most, something questioned by some, something everyone take for granted. Death, something feared by most, something wondered by others, something inevitable for everyone. However, a certain someone was...

  • Reincarnated as an Alchemist - If i have no cheat then, i just have to make one
    2.6M 88.2K 200

    Tale of a Man who was reincarnated into another world as the son of a Saint but his birth was hated by everyone and he was forced to get a class that was seen as an unwanted class, Alchemist. Using his previous world's memories and his wisdom, he was struggling to survive and gained a stable life. Disclaimer: I don't...

  • Foxtails and Fairytales: Facades and Fables of the Phantom Prince
    543K 37.2K 170

    After the mysterious events at Marsanth, Sebas Asmos Ti'en, the unwilling fox prince engaged to a Human princess, disappears without a trace. As a runaway noble he earns the nickname 'the Phantom Prince'. Evading three kingdoms and bounty hunters for six years, many have allowed the Phantom Prince to disappear into le...

  • Project: Socialize (Chapters 198-Continued)
    150K 11.9K 126

    Continuation of Project: Socialize from Chapter 197 as the book has reached the 200 chapter limit for Wattpad. I'm just me. An ordinary high school boy with no girlfriend, not too many friends, and no talent. What I enjoy doing after school is roaming around the halls, hoping that like in the cliche anime and manga...

  • Project: Socialize (Chapters 1-197)
    567K 33K 200

    This book will only include the Reference Chapters and Chapters 1-197 of the overall Project: Socialize series because of Wattpad's 200 Chapter limit. The book with chapters 198 and more is currently up and is called: [Project: Socialize (Chapters 198-Continued)]. I'm just me. An ordinary high school boy with no girlf...

  • Lost Fantasy-Life After Reincarnation (Arc 1)
    148K 7.6K 56

    "I am not the hero." That is the conclusion that Loganel Ainzloft came up. He was originally a young man who woke up one day in a fantasy world in the body of a child. However, as time went by, he slowly lost his memories of his previous life and slowly became Loganel Ainzloft. However, one day, as another boy is tele...