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  • One Direction's Dirty Little Secret
    2.3M 7.4K

    You'd think being someone's Dirty Little Secret would be fun wouldn't it? But what if two boys were keeping you secret and those two boys were best friends, in the same band.. Claudia Styles has a secret. but Shh..... Don't tell anyone..

    Completed   Mature
  • One Direction Infection
    206K 1K

    When they were younger you could barely tell the Horan twins apart , but as they grew older the more their physical appearances changed, but their mischievous side never left them, now 18 Niall is in a band called One Direction. The boys go on tour leaving Leah behind , what happens when they come back, will romance s...

  • She's The One - One Direction Fan Fiction
    162K 376

    One Direction. They're known across the globe as the hot, new boyband that every girl is swooning over... But what happens when the boys find themselves falling for their fans? Can Ivy, Lana, Meredith, Jane and Jessica put up with having such famous, beautiful boyfriends? No-ones life is ever simple, so why should a c...

  • The Holiday - One Direction FanFic.
    • alamortal
    • 49 Parts
    • Updated Oct 27, 2014 08:05PM
    146K 257

    It's summertime, Lily Rose meets Harry Styles on holiday and falls in love with. Something happens which changes Their relationship, for a long, long time. Is a long time forever?

  • Moments (One Direction Fan Fic)
    24.7K 75

    No one ever knew the story of the girl who was there the whole time.

  • Stuck On My Mind - One Direction
    43.4K 142

  • Niall Horan's Love Story {UNEDITED VERSION}
    499K 2K

    [Note: This version is still up for reading, but its utter crap, and I am rewriting a whole new book which will be posted soon, but completely different to this. Read at your own risk] Emily Daniels used to love Harry Styles. When he broke her heart, she swore she'd hate them for all eternity. Two years later, they...

  • Ruby
    140K 145

  • Gotta Be Him {Harry Styles Fanfic}
    2.3M 12.4K

    Lexi is Louis Tomlinson's cousin who moved away to Australia when she was 12. She returns to visit him on a holiday and meets 1D- Romance begins to bloom between her the cheeky Harry Styles! Is the publicity of their relationship too much to handle? Read on to find out what happens....

  • It Started in Disneyland - One Direction Fan Fiction
    506K 2.4K

    Go to Disneyland? Check. Meet One Direction? Check. Start falling for each other? Check. Survive the fans and get through the rest? Well, they're trying... When three best friends Abby, Ella and Lina win a trip to Disneyland and LA, they never thought that they would meet the guys that most girls would kill to meet...

  • Who Are One Direction?
    37.4K 198

  • Dancing in One Direction
    106K 613

    Lauren is trying to get through life one dance step at a time, but could a curly haired boy and a superfical tv show change all that? Not to mention her pathetic excuse for a father, the rich life she never wanted, and a girl who tries to make her life miserable? Could everything come tumbling down for Lauren, or is t...

  • Learning To Love With One Direction
    163K 1K

    Kelly has worked with the CIA all her life and has learnt all the tricks in the book, but when her boss tells her that she needs to love a bit more kelly is broken. After being sent away to live with 5 loving boys for 2 weeks will she finally learn to love or will she stay cold-blooded killer...

  • A One Direction Fan Fiction xxx BOOK 1 xxx
    136K 810

    Emma has a tough time with boys. Will this time be different with Niall Horan, from One Direction? She hopes so. I have changed the pic xxxx

  • I'm Only Going One Direction And That's Loving You.. (One Direction Fanfic)
    174K 622

    5 normal girls,living a normal life,until they meet 5 GORG guys.Could they be their Mr.Right?Could they really be the one?

  • Moments with you: One Direction Fan Fiction
    24.2K 105

  • Bipolar Love
    3M 8.5K

  • You've got that one thing (A One Direction Fanfiction)
    14.9K 54

  • I'm Liam Payne's sister... Wait, what?
    499K 4.6K

    Frankie Jones is a normal girl with a best friend, Elena, although the only difference is that she lives in a care home. so yeah, her life is fairly average until one normal sunday a few people arrive and Frankie's life gets turned upside down

  • Stuck in a lift with one direction
    667K 3.6K

    Brianna, Chloe, Alexa and Ashley are 4 best friends going to watch one direction on the XFactor tour but they get distracted by 5 boys they meet in the lift and end up spending most of the time in the lift until it breaks down and the girls discover the boys secrets.

  • Take A Trip With The Boys #2 - A One Direction Fanfiction
    1.6M 12.6K

    *Previously, 'On Tour With One Direction' it's been a year since she left the boys, and touched down in Australia... things have changed. not expecting to see the boys ever again, Jaycee is depressed. but, can one unsuspecting phone call, change her life forever?

  • Take A Trip With The Boys #1 - A One Direction Fanfiction
    1.4M 11.9K

    *Previously, On Tour With One Direction* What would YOU do if you won a competition to go on Tour with One Direction? what would YOU do if Harry Styles fell hopelessly in love with you?...

  • Shh...We've Got Secrets (A One Direction Fan Fic)
    79K 633

    (Zana's story) Ignacia and Emma are sisters with secrets. Their secrets are the same, yet their past keeps them from being close. They were able to keep their secrets for this long but when One Direction come into the picture through their Cousin, Freya, will they choose to tell? And if they do what will others think...