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  • The BFF Quiz
    66 5 6

    One day, Mackenzie tried BFF Quiz, which she thought was an innocent way to test her friendship with her so called BFF Anna. She had no idea that it would evolve into the whole school mad at each other, suicides, and ruined relationships. Read on to find out what happens!

  • Why would a dead girl Lie? Nanbaka X Reader
    100K 2.5K 31

    *WARNING HAS SWEARING* A girl named (F/n) who was the sister of Hajime and Hitoshi Sugoroku. She was energetic and sweet, until she died. Hajime and Hitoshi were broken but got back up again. So what happens when this dead girl rises again. Sorry I suck at descriptions.

  • The Seven Deadly Sins (Yandere Boys X Reader)
    823K 27.4K 36

    Pride Gluttony Wrath Lust Greed Envy Sloth When each of the Seven Deadly Sins seem to have taken human form in the personalities of seven different boys it would be an inevitable difficulty to work for them. However, it would be deemed even harder to distance oneself once they grow an unyielding attachment and strong...

  • Ask the Toon Patrol!
    311 6 5

    Ever wanted to talk to and ask questions to the Toon Patrol from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? No? Too bad here it is! Ask them about anything! Though expect a bit of foul language. Requests open!

  • Error's gift(Au sans x reader)
    577 14 4

    A strange package full of au sans plushies shows up at your doorstep. No return address, just "enjoy". And little did you know, your gifts have strange abilities.

  • Draw4u
    558 57 12

    So this is a book where most of the reading will be in this description! This is a drawing request book. Basically I draw stuff for you lovely people!!!! You can kinda see how I got the title... Anyway.. this book is for when you would like to see my art style, have your OC drawn, if you want me to enter one of your d...

  • Our Baby Alois x Claude
    18.1K 428 4

    Just a story I came up with at 12 in da MORNING XD (fekin dreams I tell ya) A story for Alois and Claude becoming mommy and daddy soon :3 TWO CHAPTERS...... I HOPE O3O

  • tsundere!ciel x reader x yandere!Alois
    25.5K 595 5

    In one hand, a blond boy who would kill for you and in the other, a dark Earl who doesn't wish to admit his feelings for you. what will you choose when your family is being illegal?

  • Hamilton University
    785K 29.3K 30

    The Hamilton college AU that nobody asked for but I wanted to write. Seriously, if you haven't listened to the Hamilton soundtrack GO DO IT. What happens when the immigrant orphan, exchange student, the school jock, and literally the gayest guy known to existence become friends? This will mainly be Hamilton X Laurens...

  • Intoxicated (Yandere Prince X Reader)
    194K 5.8K 25

    {Highest Rank : #4 in Horror} (Under Severe Editing!) (Yes, I changed it back to an X Reader) A Peasant girl of the name (Y/N) has been on her own for years, desperate to find something to give her a purpose, when suddenly, a spring ball is announced. At this ball, the royal prince of Cress kingdom is to chose for him...

  • Just Hold My Hand | Thomas Jefferson x reader
    23.5K 837 8

    You live with an abusive, alcoholic husband who you were forced to marry. When you're invited to a ball it's a chance for you to escape even if he's accompanying you, at least you know he wouldn't beat you in public, but when you go to the ball you bump into a certain southerner you didn't expect to see. I don't own H...

  • Indifferent (Yandere!King x Reader)
    51.1K 1.4K 10

    You live in a kingdom governed by a king, 20 years of age. This kingdom has been in monarchy since the past 300 years, and this kingdom has its 'standards', which was having snow white hair, pale skin, and bloody red eyes. You, however, have a quite unique appearance. Unlike the norm, you have (h/c) colored hair, (s...

  • I'm In Love With A Yandere (Yandere Simulator FanFic) *GENDERBEND*
    51.1K 963 28

    Falling in love is the hardest thing in the world especially if your falling in love with a killer 🔪. (Y/N) fell in love with a Yandere and it is not quite easy. Her closest friends keep on dying. But she can't help herself falling in love with this guy. And that guy would kill anyone who touches her love. Will you s...

  • Desire ~ {Yandere Boys x Reader} + Girl
    339K 13.7K 90

    "I won't let anyone else have you, you're mine only~" || Includes yaoi + yuri ships [smut] || Your name is (y/n) (s/n), you come from a wealthy family. You join the prestigious Seiyo Academy for the elite and rich, which is known for their handsome students and high academic studies. However, this Academy holds m...

  • SAFE Home (Sans AU's X Reader X Papyrus AU's)
    46.4K 1.2K 18

    Sans AU's X Reader X Papyrus AU's (Girls only!) (FASTER UPDATES ARE ON QUOTEV!) (#ShoeTheTape) You were a quiet, anti-social girl with a big house you've got from your parents. (F/N) was your best friend, he's a crazy, creepy, mysterious, suspicious guy, yet he still was your friend, even after he broke your window...

  • Infatuation (Yandere Boys x Reader)
    5.2M 175K 92

    After six new boys meet (Y/n), they begin an unhealthy obsession over the female and soon take it too far. There's not much chance of her escaping their thoughts or hands but she's definitely going to try when she's had enough.

  • "The New Girl On MyStreet" [Completed] ~Editing Slowly~
    1.4M 37.5K 56

    |~•|Ranked #1 Top hottest Mystreet Fanfic|•~| [Completed] Your New On Mystreet and You meet some very interesting Friends and Go on great adventures together, Have Fun, Sad, and Scary moments together. But they always stick with You; when soon You take an interest in some and Soon may fall in love, when you find out t...

  • some good songs
    959 68 30

    good songs i like

  • If You Only Knew- (Minecraft Diaries x Reader) COMPLETE
    186K 4.7K 116

    A Minecraft Diaries Reader Insert. I do not own any of the MCD characters used in this fanfic, nor do I claim any of the art used. They all belong to their rightful owners, this was purely made for fun. I only own the plot and characters specifically made for this fanfic such as Anali, Mykel, and such. Thank you for y...

  • Zane Split
    7.4K 269 4

    Lucinda tries a new potion out on Zane that ends up splitting all his emotions into people. What will happen next?!