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  • Try me→a Nick Robinson fan fic
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    "You won't do it." - "Oh I swear,I will."He murmured,"Try me." _ When I moved to California I thought that my life was going to get worse with drama,boys,and mean girls.But has it gotten better?" Warning:Suicidal thoughts and sexual content.

  • kik; zach mitchell
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    smileykiley: i like dinosaurs, does that make me cute still? zmitch99: um yes?? are you a t rex, cause you just stomped into my world. smileykiley: good thing i have tiny t rex arms, i don't have to hug you :)) + in which he finds her kik and becomes infatuated with her and all she does is shut him down. but how can k...

  • Together ~ Nick Robinson
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    “Will we be together, forever?”

    336K 6.9K 31

    STARTED JUNE 26, 2015. an imagines book for Nick Robinson filled with AU's. ♥︎ this book is almost three years old, sorry for the cringe. it gets better.

  • Shy // Nick Robinson
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    Meet Lily Stat, An awkward girl, who has a crush on a beautiful boy. Will they fall in love? Will this boy love her for who she is? Will Nick help her find the true meaning of love or will it just be a game?

  • Imagines: Nick Robinson
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    Nick Robinson imagines

  • Lost | n.r.
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    Nick Robinson fan-fiction "What do we do now?" "Stick together." Nick Robinson is just a shy high school kid with a crush on none other than, Brooklyn Maria Faye. His friend pushes him to go to a party, but that party goes terribly wrong. What happens when they are stuck together and lost in the middle of no where?