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  • Pants are Evil
    16 2 1

    During the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Silver is faced with the horrifying requirement for the games.

  • Fire Emblem Exploits
    33 4 4

    A collection of Fire Emblem one-shots from the various games (mostly Heroes & Awakening).

  • To Have Spark (TFA/Mega Man)
    741 56 12

    (Cover art by various artists on Tumblr. If you do have a tumblr, look under the Megaman and Sari Sumdac tags individually and follow the artists, they deserve support.) (cross-posted on AO3) The quality of Robot Masters to be life-like was always a controversial, if impressive achievement in A.I. However, no one was...

  • I, Immortal
    33.1K 1.6K 38

    What if living forever is more of a curse than a gift? √ Completed 6/14/18 Excerpt: There was a time when I thought immortality was a cool deal. I mean, you get to live through centuries, see how technology and culture change, experience everything that ever is and ever will be! Why not be immortal? And so I chose to...

  • Rogue (A Valiant Novel)
    32.2K 1 1

    Keys are everything in the world of Ashirra. They enable a mage to summon constructs to do whatever they wish, so long as they have the constructs' key in their possession. Platinum is the highest level key one can have, with gold and silver right after that. All mages begin on tin and copper keys. Lynia is a summone...