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  • No Chance [Muke AU]
    1M 43.2K 31

    Cliché and fucked up. Get out while you still can. WARNING: Smut Cover: _Jikko Other pairing(s): Cashton (minor) Dom!Luke © 2014 iCheeseYou

  • Cutie ⇔ Muke ✓
    235K 12.1K 29

    [HYBRID] In which a kitten boy and an overprotective teenager have to escape the cruelties of humanity together... resulting in love, strength, and heartbreak. -- © cancersurvivors 2014-2015 {top!luke} COMPLETED. drawing on cover by: adorecalumhood

  • Why? (Lashton Hemwin)
    7.5K 248 28

    "Luke. When I went upstairs to check on you earlier I saw red lines on your wrists. Is there something you need to tell me?" Ash says in his father-y voice. At those words I instantly freeze and freak out. Omg! I'm such an idiot! How could I forget to wear my bracelets!? Ashton wipes away tears I didn't know had esc...

  • Beside You *Muke*
    245K 10.7K 40

    Luke Hemmings was shy by nature yet somehow forced that way by his home life. His only escape? Watching a lavender haired boy play guitar and sing covers of popular songs. One day, when Michael discovers his daily admirer, he decides to confront Luke. But what could that possibly lead to? Trigger warning: Self harm a...

  • 5sos Sickfics
    299K 4.4K 166

    I made this cover, if you use it please give credit! Adorable one shots about 4 adorable punk rock boys with sniffles, sore stomachs, sore throats and many more ailments :) WARNING! TALKS OF; Nausea Flu Appendicitis Illness in general

  • Flowers For Calum (Cashton)
    24.2K 1.3K 42

    Calum is bitter. He hates the world and everything in it. Ashton is a ray of sunshine and insists on brightening Calum's dark life with a flower left each day

  • To the moon ♡ muke
    25.3K 2.4K 35

    Boarding school, magic, soulmate, Romeo and Juliet!AU where Michael and Luke are meant to be but their families hate each other. top!Michael © wastedheartmuke, 2017-2018

    Completed   Mature
  • Go Go Dancer // muke
    14.2K 615 11

    Michael is rich and Luke's broke but he's got the body of a dancer, so if Michael wants to pay him some good money for a show, who's Luke to deny it?

  • the sophomore||muke
    13.9K 895 37

    In which Michael falls for the boy in the wheelchair. basketball!michael wheelchair!luke

  • pencil sharpeners《luke hemmings
    64.3K 2.9K 8

    "a pack of pencil sharpeners?" "yes, im an artist." "im not going to let you buy these." "why not blondie?" "because youre too beautiful."

  • long sleeves || afi
    63.1K 1.8K 57

    she needs help, but doesn't want to admit it. he wants to help, but gets pushed away. "why do you always wear long sleeves?"

  • Bracelets (a.i.)
    274K 8.9K 66

    she spoke sentence by sentence each word only spoken to ashton he saw the bracelets he wore them too he just didn't know she wore them for a different reason All Rights Reserved ©alltimelucas (Amber Currie) 2015

  • Little Clifford | mgc
    284K 9.1K 47

    Arden Sophia Clifford. 7 years old. Living in an orphanage until one day an amazing discovery is made by a colorful-haired guitarist. #148 in Fanfiction

  • Puppy (cashton)
    132K 2.8K 19

    "Daddy?" "Down off the couch." "Sorry." ^-^-^-^ A/N: hey people c: I just wanna say I entered this into the watty thingy .-. And yeah I hope taht doesn't change your opinion on this book. ;-;

  • stepbrother ➼ lrh ✔️
    2.7M 81.7K 49

    "the way i love you is so different to the way that you love me." {warning; contains smut, sexual content, and a whole lot of innocence} ©loudluke

    Completed   Mature
  • kink • cashton [✓]
    135K 6.8K 19

    "Do we have any rules, Cal?" "Just don't fall in love, Ash." © copyright - all rights reserved -lhemmingsdaily

    Completed   Mature
  • Portraits//lashton
    50.2K 2.3K 33

    "Are these nudes?" "No, they're artistic portraits of my body without clothes on." "That's a nude, baby boy." - - - In which an innocent boy named Ashton accidentally shows a boy named Luke his portraits, and finds himself constantly running into the flirty boy that wants to strip him of his innocence...and...

    Completed   Mature
  • 5SOS Gay Smut Book
    130K 1.5K 32

    REQUESTS: coming back when i finish my current requests

  • Dummy (Cashton) ✔️
    77.4K 3.3K 38

    Dummy: 1.) lacking intelligence or good judgement; stupid; dull-witted ----Calum is dummy for falling love. 2.) australian slang for a baby's pacifier ----Ashton uses a dummy for Calum's baby girl. © copyright to tinybirdfriend 2015-2018

  • Killers || ot4
    2.4K 188 7

    "What's life without a few battles scars?"

    Completed   Mature
  • 5SOS Smut
    2.3M 14.9K 109

    A compilation of different 5sos smuts from tumblr. Credits to all the authors who wrote them

  • I loved a boy»Cashton
    41.3K 1.6K 26

    Calum loves a boy....

  • st patrick ; cashton
    23.6K 982 15

    ashton can't get enough of calum and calum cant get enough of ashton v romantic + cliche because I wanted to write a fluffy story anyways romance and bad vague ideas of smut based on the song st patrick by pvris

  • 5SOS Smut Book❁ BXB
    721K 8.9K 149

    read & get horny for 5SOS bxb smut ❁ credits to Tumblr aka my best friend +some are my own, I write the requested ones :)

    24.6K 915 9

    *trigger warning*

  • tutor • mashton [✓]
    261K 14.4K 25

    "And why the hell do I need to know the answer of y² - x³ = 432?" "Well, because if you solve it, I'll kiss you." © copyright - all rights reserved -lhemmingsdaily & lashtonfluff

  • The Therapist's Son // Ashton Irwin [AU] ✔
    544K 20.1K 45

    Her mother expected the therapist to help her be happy again, not the therapist's son.

    Completed   Mature
  • 5SOS | Smut
    944K 9.6K 168

    All rights reserved to the authors who wrote these, enjoy. Note: I'm not into 5sos much anymore, but god, don't ppl write some good shit gahh For the pleasure of reading for you and I both. HIGHEST RANKS: #1 5sosoneshots #1 ot4 #1 lgbtsmut #1 calm #7 bxboneshots #21 ot4 #29 gaysmut #146 5sosoneshots

  • Cashton Book |
    8.5K 312 11

    mini stories each chapter Book |

    Completed   Mature
  • Ballerina Boy ➵ Cashton
    35.8K 1.8K 22

    His voice in this room, like shadows on walls, I imagine him on the other side of the door His words, his voice, his touch, At the start, the end, and in the middle Strange how it mattered so much, when now, It matters, ...