Aquasummer96's Reading List

  • RockStars in Love [COMPLETED]
    18.9K 331

    DISCLAIMER: I WROTE THIS A LONG TIME AGO. IT SUCKS. DON'T READ IT. Delainey King and Ryan Gonzalez were best friends until Ryan left to go be in the hit band, Cheer Up, Kid. He's the lead singer, in the limelight, and promises he'll call. It's been three years since that day, and he still hasn't called. Delainey has s...

  • The Bro Code
    16.3M 286K

    Rule number 4: If a girl falls into the following criteria, she is off limits forever until the end of time: A) Was a bro's ex-girlfriend. B) Your bro specifically told you he wanted her. C) Is your bro's sister. Nick Maguire is the King player of East High. He knows better than anyone that when it comes to Eliza O'C...

  • Rooming With Royals { Complete }
    2.1M 50.9K

    Four guys , hot guys rooming with you. That's not all of it , they're princes. Supernatural princes. As if that wasn't enough , I grew to like one of them. But does he return my feelings ? Afterall , he's a demon prince soon to be king and I'm a normal human; aren't I ?

  • Romancing The Mob
    361K 4.4K

    Laura Santos has always lived a sheltered life. Her father, Carlos Santos, is the typical overprotective Italian dad.....or is he? Growing up with nannies and bodyguards, Laura never really questioned their existence in her life, and always ignored the rumors of her father being into some illegal businesses. But when...

  • His appointed wife
    4M 61.8K

    "I'll give you a place to stay and I'll pay you enough, all you have to do is to pretend to be my wife, in return." Hell, it sounds a lot easier than it seems to Alexandra, but well, Logan doesn't think so... Travel with Logan and Lex to find out how they fall in love, after lots and lots of heartbreaks and struggles...

  • Past Lovers
    1M 22K

    Three years ago, Chase Levine lost the everything. Three years ago, Chase Levine made the biggest mistake of his life. Three years ago, Chase and Hayden Levine filed for divorce. As a struggling, heartbroken writer, Chase turns to alcohol, and lives in shame. He spends every night at the same bar, waiting for the woma...

  • Alpha Dearest (Formerly Sir Highness)
    52.5K 915

    Beth O'Conner has hated the beta of her pack, Casey Ravenswood, since kindergarten, when he pushed her off the swing and made her land on a juicebox. When her father got a job on the Wolf Council, she was happy to move from him. But, when her father passes away, she is sent back to Ravenswood, the place she was born...

  • Shadow Weaver
    4.6K 135

    When scientists try to design a genetically engineered human, they fail to make her a 'perfect' being, and so they try to destroy her. That was their first mistake...

  • Definition: Slut
    845K 14.3K

    Being a matchmaker disguised as Queen Bee, it isn't easy to pretend you're not in love for the sake of raging fangirls, a childhood BEST friend, and the Wicked Witch Next Door. To get the Sweep-Off-Your-Feet happy ending from all of these dramatics, you've got to do some major butt kicking and devious scheming. [ READ...

  • The Kissing Booth [Sample; entire book available now]
    3.4M 30.2K

    [This book has been published by RANDOM HOUSE UK and is now available as a paperback in the UK, USA, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, and more. The ebook is also available. Check out Amazon to see if you can grab a copy! This is a sample of the book, not the entire thing.] Meet Rochelle Evans. Pretty, popular - a...