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  • Awesome Comebacks and Insults!
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    For those annoying ass motherfuckers that need to learn how to shut their mouth. Vote and Comment please :) Enjoy! :) ~ FarahTariqx WARNING// Please do not read if you're easily offended. Some of the content is really mean but that's kind of the point.

  • Things I Hate About Warriors Fanfiction
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    Most of the earlier chapters in this book do not fit my current beliefs. The revised versions fit better, though that's not to say that the first versions are bad. Just a little warning! I think this is pretty self explanatory. This is all about the problems in Warriors fanfictions.

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    Join this awesome, and hilarious book as your favorite Warrior Cats find Facebook!! This is going to be rated PG, for there might be crude words, yet no cussing besides the following: cod, mousebrain, idiot, stupid, foxbrain, etc.