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  • First Daughter
    707K 20K 39

    Heath is the country's top secret service agent and has seen just about everything. His latest case though may just be his last. When he's asked to "babysit" the Presidents daughter who is on break from school in Europe, he is a little dejected. But when he meets Harper, he's in for quite a surprise. He quickly sees t...

  • His Mission
    38.6M 1.4M 75

    Formally known as The Bad Boys Mission [Highest Ranking - #1 In Teen Fiction] Meet Emily Wentworth. Since the death of her father, she's been living a home life full of abuse. It's remained a secret for years until she meets the town's rebel, Jake Melvin. The two teens ride the rollercoaster of drama, love and heartac...

  • Loving Bad - Loving Bad #1 (Sample of Published Book)
    24.1M 600K 64

    The good girl falls for the bad boy. But what if there is more to Sin Carter than a bad attitude, tattoos and piercings? And what if there is more to Taylor Price than the fact she has always followed the rules and done what she was told? Their pasts haunt them. Sin is trying to break free from his dark past while Ta...

  • The Cell Phone Swap
    111M 2.6M 49

    Keeley accidentally swaps cell phones with a rivaling high school's star quarterback. Unable to switch back until a week later, she must interact with the arrogant boy, passing along texts and voicemails. As she gets to know him better, she realizes there's more to him than sexual innuendos and egotistical comments. B...

  • Mature Scenes
    240K 1.3K 10

    A collection of uncensored scenes from my stories. Strong sexual content + swearing.

  • Getting Under Nathan
    4M 88.6K 46

    Isobel's ex-boyfriend once told her long distance never works. Luckily, she's not in too much of a position to find out if he was right. But even though she's living in the same city as Nathan, they're both in completely different places in their lives. Nathan has a full-time job, with an attractive ex-flame as his a...

  • Getting Over Matt
    5.3M 156K 37

    Isobel and Matt had been best friends for seven years when they decided to start dating. Comfortable around each other and knowing everything there was to know, a relationship seemed like a natural--and exciting--step for them. But now, with the novelty wearing off, Isobel struggles to accept that her loving boyfrien...

  • Office Affairs
    3.5M 121K 32

    Sasha Henshaw can't believe her luck when she lands a job at Montgomery's, one of London's most prestigious companies. Working for 23-year-old Alastair Montgomery isn't easy, though, especially when he acts more like a friend than a boss. Assuming the role of his right-hand woman, Sasha finds herself deeply involved i...

  • Getting Through Italy
    317K 14.2K 35

    Italy: home of pizza, pasta and prosecco. It will also be Isobel Smith's home for the next year as she embarks on her Erasmus placement in Bologna. What she soon discovers, though, is that life in Italy isn't just about enjoying the local cuisine. Language barriers, culture shocks and an unfamiliar city are just some...

  • Currents
    5.9M 190K 42

    Rose had the perfect summer planned, and those plans didn't involve Brent -- a sexy but cold lifeguard. London socialite Rosalie Harrington knows there's more to life than image and reputation, but that doesn't stop her enjoying the power and respect that her position as Queen Bee brings. She's therefore far from ha...

  • Unexpected Royal Heir
    403K 14.6K 32

    Princess Lilyanne Blythe sneaks out to a party and has a one night stand. Assuming that was in the past, that one night stand stranger ends up living with her. Later to find out she is pregnant with his baby, the next royal heir. What happens when he finds out her secret to all the bruises and scars, will he save her...

  • Wattpad Weekly Promotions
    3K 205 10

    Find out more about how you can get your own story featured on twitter and added to the list. This is similar to any other book club where you can receive comments and get your story read.

  • The Pastel Awards → OPEN
    41K 2.5K 8

    The Pastel Awards is a competition for undiscovered authors with books under 100k reads, to enter their novels in order to hopefully gain recognition and become well known. Most genres are accepted, more information inside. Good luck! Read the book to find out more information on the 2018 Pastel Awards.

  • Watty Editors
    69.9K 1K 62

    Are you in need of an editor to help with your current story? Or are you someone who enjoys helping others in their writing? Well, this is the WRITE place for you! Author's looking for an editor- please see details in Chapter 2 on how we can help. Those interested in becoming an editor- please see our requirements an...

  • The Football Player's Roommate
    13.6M 428K 68

    | COMPLETED | Highest Ranks: #1 in Teen Fiction (06/11/17) & #1 General Fiction (07/22/17) | COMPLETE (05/09/19) | When Amaya receives an acceptance letter to her dream college, she is ecstatic. It has been her dream for as long as she can remember to follow in her father's footsteps of graduating top of her collegia...

  • Hired To Love
    18M 723K 66

    For Bennett, the plan was simple. Hire a girl to pretend to be his girlfriend, keep the facade up for six months, stage a break-up, and then claim he was too heartbroken to move on. He'd seen it in a million dramas, he could handle it. For Henley, things were a bit more complicated. After all, who could just sign on t...

  • The Entanglement Clause ✓
    9.3M 304K 48

    On the WATTYS 2017 SHORTLIST and Featured in COSMOPOLITAN!!! A Wattpad featured story with LOTS OF STEAM! A new life, new friendships, new love... and a secret that may destroy all three. Emmie Marsden's past is a closed book locked in a secure vault. Alone in a new town and two months pregnant with the child of...

    Completed   Mature
  • Only The Beginning
    4.7M 77.5K 12

    Taking your best friend's place on a blind date to let the guy down easy was the plan...taking him to bed wasn't.

  • And So It Continues (MBBF Sequel)
    1.4M 59.6K 27

    This is a continuation of the characters from My Brother's Best Friend. This will sporadically follow their stories in the near & distant future. -Cover created by: sad_masquerade

  • My Brother's Best Friend
    123M 2.5M 65

    Completed. Emily Winston has returned back home after spending a year in London. She comes home to her shared apartment with her twin brother, Emmett, to find that Emmett has offered his best friend, Parker Adams, a room in their apartment. Parker & Emily struggle to get along, including daily squabbles and constant i...

  • His Heir [ON HOLD]
    998K 61K 21

    Formally known as 'The Bad Boys Daughter' Meet Ruby Wentworth. She's wild, a little crazy and date's boys no longer than a month. Let's not forget that she's the daughter of the town's famous bad boy, Jake Melvin. When her parents get kidnapped, Ruby Wentworth has no other choice but to build forces with her crazy...

  • Kissing Is the Easy Part
    24.5M 924K 74

    {a Wattpad featured story} Flora is afraid being beautiful is her only talent. Some of the words she hates include economy class, second-hand clothes, and budget. She likes fashion, dating, not being on time and getting what she wants - until she meets Sean, who is like the clock striking midnight; he makes all her...

  • Running Into Mr. Billionaire | ✔️
    42.2M 1.2M 44

    |#1 in Romance| She was broken He was hurt She escaped He built a wall around his heart She ran into his life And he saved her life... __________________ Not much Mature Content but I advise 13+ to read this book. (WARNING!! I wrote this at the age of 15 and this is my first ever book. Totally not the best. So beware...

  • Heartbeats
    91.5K 1.3K 18

    Heartbeats is all about love and romance; short snippets of heartfelt writing that aim to lift you, surprise you, and wrap you in a literary hug for a few moments wherever you might be. Let Heartbeats be your guilty secret in the queue at the bank, your small moment of fun in a boring lecture, or your cuddle over your...

  • Contests
    753K 16.3K 65

    Romance short fiction competitions as run by the official Wattpad Romance profile. Fancy writing some Romance? This collection contains a series of prompts that can be used as a personal challenge, a way to compete with your fellow Wattpadders, and of course a great place to find some great Romance stories. Everything...

  • The Midnight Boys
    734K 27K 10

    They reminded me of Peter Pan's Lost Boys, wild and rebellious, but all grown up in a way that could only be described in one word: sexy.

  • The Hoodie Girl | ✓
    76.8M 2.9M 62

    [ Wattys 2016 Collector's Edition Winner! ] [ TFA 2016 Runaway Prize Winner! ] [ Literary Awards 2017 Winner! ] [ Completed 9 Jan 2017 ] Wren is socially awkward. She blocks off herself to the world, hiding behind her favorite hoodie, believing that if she does this, her past will never resurface. Certain circumsta...

  • My Life as a Walter Boy [Sample]
    14.9M 77.1K 6

    Cole Walter has just graduated college, but he can't find a job. When his mom finds him work in New York, he is thrust into the girl crazy world of Glitter Girls. And that means living with a certain beautiful girl named Jackie. Will old feelings bubble up, or fade out forever? This story is the UNOFFICIAL sequel to t...

  • The Bad Boy's Girl (Now Available as a Paperback and ebook)
    209M 3.8M 57

    AVAILABLE NOW IN PAPERBACK AND EBOOK WITH EXCLUSIVE COLE POV CHAPTERS: "Some people bring out the worst in you, others bring out the best, and then there are those remarkably rare, addictive ones who just bring out the most. Of everything. They make you feel so alive that you'd follow...

  • Stay With Me
    40M 1.8M 44

    | ranked #1 | 01.12.2017| | completed | 11.13.2017| | Winner of The 2017 Fiction Awards "Best Teen Fiction" | It's finally winter break, which means Amelia, Aiden, and the rest of their friends get to enjoy a well deserved vacation at the beach house. After all the drama, the death of Aiden's step-father, and Aide...