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  • The Irony of Beauty
    7.6K 780 2

    A girl's acceptance of her beauty, in four parts.

  • Daughter
    3.8K 508 2

    - WINNER in the @BeautyAndTheBeastUK Writing Challenge Contest!!! - Beauty is not purely skin deep. Children don't necessarily understand this, however. My daughter was suffering from bullying at her new school. I wrote this to show beauty isn't just on the outside. You only need to look. As such, I think it's a fitti...

  • Incomplete
    625 75 1

    in which a girl with one leg discovers she isn't incomplete after all Also known as 'I find it very difficult to create a story with less than 1000 words' written for Beauty and the Beast UK's writing challenge and ranked as a Top Ten entry

  • The Mirror
    824 71 1

    She never looked in the mirror. She never liked her reflection. Each day more and more of her beauty withered away and died. What was left underneath was a broken,bruised, beautiful girl and this is her story. Top 10 finalist in the beauty and the beast uk competition.

  • Inner Beauty
    1K 98 1

    Belinda and her mother live in poverty. Their only hope of escape is if Belinda can use her natural beauty to make the prince fall in love with her, but when Belinda meets him, she finds she can't help but be honest with him. She assumes that once he knows the truth, he will throw her out of the palace- or worse. B...

  • Conkers - A Beauty and the Beast Top 10
    524 76 1

    [LGBTQ/A Top 10 Short Story] "Nasty little buggers, conkers," I said. "But perhaps people wouldn't call them that if they saw what's inside them." • A Beauty and the Beast UK Contest Top Ten Entry. • Featured in @WattpadBrandStories 'Brand Contests' reading list.

  • Rather the Beast
    1.8K 193 1

    My entry for the #BeautyAndTheBeast competition. Yay me. Kind of stream-of-consciousness stuff but I'm super tired and using that as an excuse for my mediocre writing talent. (This is way too autobiographical and #deep for a Friday night) Ranked top 10 Beauty and the Beast Competition. Highest rank: #116 in short stor...

  • The Face
    320 37 1

    Entry for Wattpad's Beauty and the Beast Contest :) A girl wakes up with a face that is not hers, but is perhaps more beautiful, and is conflicted whether to keep it or not. She wonders if she can be 'something' with a face that is less than perfect.