• Dear Mr Blind Date, Are You Mr Right? (Completed)
    2.3M 27.7K

    Chloe Manson is a successful interior designer. Never mind the fact that her mum keeps setting up blind dates with the wrong guys, her life is otherwise quite normal and peaceful. She has a steady job, good friends and a pretty grotty apartment. What more can she ask? That is, until a new sexy stranger takes over as t...

  • Better Half of Me
    1.1K 92

    Meet Lydia, she's fierce and emotionally closeted. Irrational, sarcastic and not so likable. She's got what you'd call, "a bad personality", and hates emotional attachment to almost anyone. Yes, there's a tragic back story. And now according to her, nothing lasts forever, so why bother falling in love? Why bother with...