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  • Shadow's Might (Kuroko no Basket Fanfiction)
    94K 2.8K 12

    I do not own Kuroko no Basket, nor do I own its characters. Also the story is different form the manga, because instead of Seirin winning against Rakuzan they lose. After being betrayed by his team and his light. Kuroko realizes that he can never relay on anyone. Especially a light. From that moment on he decides that...

  • The Shadow Phantom (Assassin/Spy AU)
    60.2K 2.2K 12

    He comes in the night. Silent and unknown. His next victim locked in his sights. No one knows who he is. No one has ever seen him. Until he becomes the very last thing they see. "Find the Shadow."

  • ♠The Missing King♤ [A KnB fanfiction]
    22.4K 1.1K 18

    "I won't stop looking for you, my King. You have to come back. " The red-haired man prayed silently under the bright moonlight. He held his hand together and made a bow before he left the garden statue. "Everything is turning into a huge mess. We need you..." [DISCLAIMER: THE ANIME NOR THE CHARACTERS ARE NOT MINE!]

  • Kuroko is mine!!!!!
    96.8K 2.3K 6

    After a while of being at teikio kuroko had become close with his team mates on the basketball team and they all feel the same way but friends isn't good enough for them. But as there is only one kuroko not everyone can have him so it's a battle of the generation of miracles on who gets to be with kuroko. Kuroko being...

  • Phantom's ire(Kuroko no basuke)-knb fanfiction
    14.8K 414 3

    A random one shots of angry Kuroko Tetsuya

  • The Rich Phantom
    19.1K 425 14

    The basketball team of Seirin wanted a break but their broke. Kuroko provides a different way of taking a break while still being able to go to school.

  • kuroko no mystery
    1.1K 63 3

    Imagine a world where people one by one dissappear from this world. The weirdest thing is that when people start to dissappear. Monsters appear such as vampires, zombies and werewolves. The only humans left are the kiseki no sedai. What will they do when they discover they are the cause of this.

  • Weightless Phantom
    17.8K 548 15

    Ghosts are pure. Phantoms are weightless. Food is not pure and I am not weightless, but I am strong and I will change. I will be the perfect phantom. The perfect ghost. Warning!!! Eating disorders, self-harm Akakuro

  • Delinquent among Basketball players.
    39.3K 1.4K 8

    A former delinquent wanted a new change of pace; wanted out of his violent ways. Upon entering Seirin high school to start a new chapter in life, the first thing life throws at him is a blue haired teen with zero presence and orange basket balls. Which by the way hurts more than it should. Wherever he goes, mayhem wou...

  • Alone | AkaKuro One-shots
    43K 1.3K 33

    AkaKuro one-shots and two-shots! Most of them are angst. ...

  • Forgive, Forget And Love?
    93.7K 2.5K 31

    Seirin loses their game with Rakuzan and everyone loses their respect for Kuroko blaming him for their loss. Kuroko is ignored and forgotten so he disappears, only leaving behind a few letters for his so called friends. Two years later, after the Gom and Seirin graduate they all head to the same college where there ar...

  • The Shadow's Rise
    5.1K 174 6

    Kuroko Tetsuya is not an ordinary teenager. He was an amazing basketball player, his team's ace in fact! But that changed after an 'accident' during a match in primary school. He joins Teiko and finds a new style but when the Generation of Miracles begin to change, can he help them? He joins Seiren High School in ord...

  • Assassin Time (Assassination Classroom)
    96.5K 3.1K 8

    What if Nagisa Shiota was a top-class assassin sent to Class 3-E to kill our beloved alien octopus? This is the story of an angsty assassin hiding his bloodlust under an innocent facade, and Karma Akabane and the rest of E Class trying to stop him from self-destructing. ☁️ karmagisa ☁️ 🐙 hiatus 🐙

  • Why i have to forget you.(Kuroko no basuke fanfic) /DISCONTINUE/
    13K 482 12

    (jack and jill song) Kuroko went up to the hills. To get some hopes for himself. And he fell down and lost his hope.. And he forgot all of his precious ones... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the story of Kuroko Tetsuya. Some one came to his home and burn h...

  • Sorry,I Love You,Goodbye (KnB fanfic)
    33.8K 1K 16

    Disclaimer:I do not own Kuroko no Basuke,the plot is just remade from the stories I read but it's not the same. Description:'You're so weak,be more independent,I hate you,don't disturb me,You're such a nuisance.' this keeps repeating in the bluenette's head,causing him to wake up and screaming things like "Stop!,Thi...

  • A Crazy Story [Mild Shounen-Ai]
    20.4K 793 8

    As the Generation of Miracles gathered together, they tried to make 1000 origamis-believing that it'll grant wish; and they succeeded. And they all have one wish-for Kuroko to turn back into a 7-year old boy for a month. The next day, it happened! How will the now-on-the-vacation members of Generation of Miracles take...

  • (Akakuro) Assaination Corp. ✅
    219K 8.1K 66

    Kuroko Tetsuya a famous assassin which kills his target with no hesitaion. Until he team up with the Kiseki no Seidai and meets a red head leader of the Kiseki no Seidai. (Sorry bad with summary!) Completed ✅

    Completed   Mature
  • The Songstress
    2.9K 152 3

    Kuroko have come back to the human world by the Songstress queen order to see if human have changed. If not there will be war on the humans and peace will not retuned.

  • Kuroko No Musician (a Kuroko no basuke fanfiction)
    4.2K 142 2

    Kuroko is a pianist, who has been away from the piano for a couple years. His parents, both world wide musicians come back from their world tour looking forward to their son's progress. However Kuroko had abandoned it for basketball and they aren't happy, they also weren't always the best parents either. How will ever...

  • Clouded Memories (Kuroko No Basket) | Complete ✔
    16.1K 406 8

    SEQUEL TO THIS STORY IS OUT NOW! OwO: Piece by Piece "No matter what, i'll always love you." ... "You're lying, Akashi-kun." Kuroko Tetsuya and Akashi Seijuro, certainly an unlikely pair. However, they're in a relationship together, but not a pleasant one... Akashi teasingly harms Kuroko with dangerous weapons...

    60.1K 1.4K 19

    Kuroko Tetsuya a FORMER Kiseki no Sedai . After being pushed away by his LIGHTS and Ex-team mates. He changed for a better. Will the GoM take him back or they'll forget their phantom now?

    Completed   Mature
  • Neko Kuroko Tetsuya (Kuroko no Basuke)
    228K 7.3K 11

    Kuroko turns into a cat. GoM somewhat gathers. All hell break loose. -Completed- ♡Kuroko no Basuke is not Mine♡ ♤Plot is mine♤ ♢Cover art is mine♢ ♧Neko!Kuroko♧