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  • Stuck in Neverland
    3K 234 7

    While in Neverland looking for Henry, Emma and Hook get separated from the group. Out of all people, it had to be Hook? Will they get back to Mary Margaret and David, or be lost forever? Will her hatred and irritation towards Hook turn into something else? Find out in "Stuck in Neverland!"

  • Betrothed (Book 1 of the Enchanted Series) Captain Swan Fanfiction
    26.1K 1.6K 33

    Once Upon A Time, Captain Swan Fanfiction. As if the first curse never happened, would fate still be the same? Book 1 of the Enchanted series

  • Emma Swan's Tips
    2.8K 210 6

    Tips about basically everything and anything

  • Our Love (1)
    6.1K 369 25

    Captain Swan story!

  • Texts from OUAT characters
    1.5K 198 13

    The title is pretty self explanatory but still here is a book full of OUAT texts. We all know what they are like in real life but in Internet mode things are unpredictable. Enjoy.

  • OUAT Randomness
    4K 468 48

    Just random stuff about OUAT! It's what every Fangirl loves ; )

  • Once Upon A Time Texting * Complete * $Under Editing$
    11.6K 528 48

    This is under editing. You have been warned young ones. This happens a few months AFTER season 4a but Gold didn't try and kill Killian. And Marian was never brought back so Outlaw Queen live and Regina took the curse so she can get pregnant

  • My Engagement to Emma Swan [On Hold]
    750 71 4

    "You okay?" Henry asked. "Hmm? Yeah. Why?" "You look like you're thinking about something." "Aye, I suppose I am. Henry, I've got a really important question." "Okay. What is it?" He slowed down so that he could talk to Killian better. "I wish to marry Emma. I also wish to have your blessing." He bit his lip in antici...

  • Saving Killian (captain swan OUAT)
    37.6K 1.1K 14

    Emma and Killian's daughter comes back from the future to save her father from Elsa.

  • A New Rhoade// Songbird spin-off
    791 71 18

    Evie, Elke, Joyce, and Nyisa were witches. Hailing from the four houses of Hogwarts the girls began a search for their friend. A search for the recently lost chosen one. Harry Potter, after defeating the dark lord, disappeared without a trace, leaving the wizarding world devastated. Their hero, gone. After recieving...

  • Ouat Texting
    1.7K 92 3

    These are just texts that the ouat characters are going to be texting each other

  • I Believe In You
    4.2K 338 31

    Killian's plan to sacrifice himself in order to save the woman he loves will be succesful. But what may happen when our heroes start their journey to find him? Can villain's actions make them lose their hope? Cora's plan, Cruella's desire for revenge, Blind-Witch's threat and Papa-Jones's anger will play a determin...

  • Love At First Sight(Captain Swan)
    86.8K 4.2K 60

    The curse never happened, magically Henry does exist ( it will be explained in the story)I hope you will enjoy this book!

  • Operation Baby Swan
    27.4K 1K 13

    After a hurricane destroys Emma Swan and her son Henry's house in New York, the both of them go on vacation to Maine. Then the small family moves to Minnesota, only to discover that Emma is 3 months pregnant. With out any memory of the father. This is when Emma is 9 and a half months pregnant. This piece of fan ficti...

  • Never Grow Up
    5K 376 25

    Snow White has a beautiful baby girl in the middle of the night someone steals her and is somehow sent to and adoption center when an evil curse is cast by evil queen to make fairytale characters forget who they really are. The baby was sent to foster home after foster home only to find 9 year old Emma in the same t...

  • The Black Cygnet: A Captain Swan Fanfiction
    37.1K 1.5K 34

    The child of good; created in evil, the child of true love. Twice the dark than the light, and magic. Raw, unpredictable magic. That's what the prophecy says. Emma Swan is scared. She didn't even know Dark Ones could procreate, until she found she was pregnant. Killian Jones, the man she loves, is on a revenge-hu...

  • That Awkward Moment When... OUAT Edition
    123K 8.4K 29

    Just a bunch of awkward moments only Oncers will understand...

  • Daughter of Darkness || Once Upon a Time
    55.8K 2.5K 40

    Locked in the Underworld with no idea where Hook might be and a whole lot of people who want revenge on the living, Regina thinks the nightmare she is living in can't get any worse. That is, until Cora reveals a secret about Regina's past. With nowhere to run, the heroes must all come to terms with their pasts, both d...

  • Zelena's Deal
    1.3K 170 21

    Originally part of my darkest tales story but my readers loved it so much I decided to make it its own story. (Some of the first few chapters will be the same but as soon s I get past those I will resume the story.) thank you so much to all the Zelena's deal fans. Plz follow and vote on this story.

  • OUAT Texts
    30.6K 1.7K 68

    Just a collection of texts between the ouat characters Enjoy

  • Masked Assassins (Hiatus)
    1K 49 10

    An OUAT AU After the death of her father, Regina and her other siblings have to work with none other than the company that got their parents killed. Zelena and Regina may be in their late 20's, but that doesn't mean they don't have the skills to finish what their parents started! Mary Margret and David have been part...

  • Destined Death (1)
    4.3K 331 26

    In this Twist of Romeo and Juliet Emma and the despicable Captain Hook (described by Snow an Charming) fall in love but nothing about this love is easy death and despair will arise in this tragic love story

  • Why me and swan are relationship goals and you aren't
    2.6K 171 7

    Emma Swan is my true love

  • To Hell and Back (Captain Swan)
    10.5K 646 17

    How far are you willing to go to save your one true love? Emma Swan is willing to go as far as it takes, to break every rule in the book to get her beloved pirate back. But noting is as it seems. Follow Emma and the heroes (and Rumplestiltskin) as they venture to the underworld to save Killian. (I don't own these ch...

  • I Finally Found You (1)
    10.8K 689 33

    This book is my first captain swan fan fic on Wattpad so if it's bad, don't judge The story takes place after the season 3 finale of ouat. Hope you like it! Although the first few chapters aren't that great, it gets better, trust me. Most of the sets and characters belong to ABC's Once Upon A Time. Some scenes from s...

  • Frozen Love A Captain Swan Fan fiction OUAT
    16.8K 617 21

    This is the story between Emma and Captain Hook after Elsa arrived in Storybrooke. What disasters can Elsa cause and what will happen with captain swan?

  • The Pirate And The Swan
    1.8K 135 19

    Life after the underworld seems perfect, but is it? Follow Emma Swan and her boe Killian Jones on their wild romance and adventure. Find out what happened in the underworld. And what will happen next...

    Completed   Mature
  • OUAT texting
    105K 6.5K 81

    OUAT characters texting

  • Once Upon A Christmas: One Shots
    3K 65 12

    All kinds of jolly ole one shots to get your spirits up. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I own no characters they belong to Once Upon A Time. RATED PG. *I made the cover*

  • Once shots
    16.1K 495 12

    ❤️Just some random Captain swan one shots.💙