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  • Exo 10th Member
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    A bunch of scenarios, imagines and other crazy shit. The is a story where Chloe Park is the 10th member of exo ( first book might not be that good) Started: 15/4/18 Ended:??? Highest ranks: #weareone #1 #tao #3 #yixing #7 "oc #7

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    As a model you never had the time to date anyone. Although you had many male admirers and you were undeniably beautiful, you just never had the time due to your demanding schedule. When you think all hope is lost, SM Entertainment calls your manager saying that they have come up with an idea to broadcast a show that s...

  • EXO ACADEMY 「Book 1」#wattys2019
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    5 students are encouraged to apply for a part-time job. Chanyeol works at a toy store. Baekhyun works at a face product shop. Sehun works at the skateboarding store. Chen works at a coffee shop. And Kai, he's working at a photography place. They become best friends after they land in detention because of Sehun. What h...

  • EXO Chatroom 💬
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    Hello and welcome to this EXO Chatroom. I hope you laugh and smile while reading this. Enjoy this comedy Chatroom that you will be reading

  • ~The Royal Wolf~ EXO
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    A girl named Yoo Se Mi that is 16 years old. she grew inside an orphanage then when she was 12. she left the orphanage and lived alone. she doesn't know where her parents are yet someone will tell her. When she met her mother, she pushed Yoo Se Mi to marry a royal wolf that she doesn't love. Because she only loves the...

  • 공주 그리고 열둘 늑대인간 (The Princess & The Twelve Wolves) [LuYoon Fanfic]
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    Enter the world of Fantasy: Do you ever believe in wolves? Witches? Sorcerers? Giants? And other weird creatures? Do you ever believe in Magic? Princess Yoona is onced a royal who've been cursed by an enchantress. Until she grows up, she finally met and recognized her Twelve Guardians which are the Twelve Wolves. Why...

  • The Wolf Princess
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    "True Love is the best antidote for a wicked heart." -The Wolf Princess(Janie) A story of a girl who is destined to be the ruler of the world. A world of fantasy and evil. A world behind the mortal one. Who would have least expected that someone as simple as her could change the lives of t...

  • The Beast Within [ EXO Fanfic ]
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    It started off as a regular day. Then as the night grew apon us something wild appeared. Not a vampire nor a demon. A wolf. Twelve of them to be exact. [ Based off EXO's drama. ]