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  • The Crucible
    2.3K 30 1

    What do you do when pushed to the edge? When you've lost everything you hold dear and only madness remains? Life is brutal and sometimes brutality is all you have left.

  • Rhamant: Book one of The DreamWalker Series
    12.2K 480 32

    Ellette's dreams are unnaturally real. For years she has found them to be the perfect escape, the solution to a life that has been, at times, a nightmare. When she comes across a man from a dream in her waking life, he turns out to be just that; a dream come true. With finding him, she is forced to realize that her...

  • We The Jury Find You Dead
    11.1K 264 10

    Joshua Maurice Vanderbosh, also known as the 'Bad Girl' killer, has been sentenced to life for killing numerous young girls in a country-wide serial killing spree. But what happens when the guy who is put away forever doesn't feel like he is done killing? When Vanderbosh escapes, he has one thing on his mind: kill all...

  • The Eye of Chaos (Council of Champions Book One) ✔️
    82.6K 2.3K 46

    War. Blood. Death. Sadness. Guilt. As the third prince of the world's most powerful country, Fileatte, Kei knows none of those things. He is the outcast prince that everyone knows and laughs about in their homes. The boy without a mother. The boy who was born with silver hair. The boy who hides a cursed eye. Yet, he i...

  • Reluctant Death
    381K 3.2K 36

    Micaela Godfrey's life is thrown into disarray after the death of her unborn child; she loses faith in her God and her marriage falls to apathy and emptiness. What she finds, however, is that her world is not limited to the personal tragedy she has suffered, and that whispers of the past draw her to a future of endle...

  • Black Pueblo
    4.5K 229 15

    After a series of earth-shattering wars the world wakes up to find a zombie plague rising. One young man, shaken of his past and stuck with a faulty personal teleporter, flits arounnd the edges of existence until he discovers the Black Pueblo. Part urban-legend, part refuge, the Black Pueblo offers a chance at life an...

  • Batteries Not Included - Original
    2K 109 7

    ***This is an earlier draft. Another has been posted*** Melanie has a pretty freaky life. She lives with her gay older brother and his boyfriend. Her parents fight so much they should join WWE. Her best friend has the friendliness of a blank piece of paper. Now, her eye patch wearing ex-boyfriend is back, with some un...