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  • Immortality {Hetalia Fanfiction - AU On hold}
    4K 119 4

    17 year old 'Mia Arnold' stumbles upon a strange red-eyed man. This man knows her birth name and he also knows she is of German blood. He wants to bring this blonde-haired, feisty, girl home; To show her where she belongs. Her importance, the reason to her very own existence. But will she be able to get away from her...

  • You have met a Terrible Fate {Zelda's Majora's Mask Retell}
    27.3K 786 16

    Dark Side of the World Book Two: You have met a Terrible Fate {Majora’s Mask Retell} History tells of a mask that had the power to do whatever the heart wanted. A mask that was carved so many years ago and sent to the darkest hole to forever be kept from humans and their easily manipulated minds. But a man… a man of m...

  • Taunting the Tamed
    7.4K 119 7

    ''Sometimes I feel like everyone's got a problem, and no one wants to solve them'' 10 year old Kali is a test monkey. Her crazy father uses her for chemicals and other things he created. One night, he tired chemical X on her. The result? Half her blood turns black. She can shape her hands into weapons, and it will hur...

  • Link City
    167K 1.5K 43

    When you're marked you have two choices; fight or die. Nance lives in the past, literally. Her city is a recreation of early twenty-first century society. To the outside world they're experiments, just rats running around a maze. In an impoverished future world, the city seems to be their only chance of finding where...

  • Dark Side of the World {A Legend of Zelda Retell} (Completed)
    124K 2.6K 27

    Link: a rogue troublemaker who steals from village people, flirts with all the women, and tortures the people of Hyrule. Living life the way he wants it, no rules, and not a care in the world. Zelda: a woman who gets tangled with the wrong people and doesn’t know that she was kidnapped as a child and is really the t...