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  • Gravity ➳ Tyler Hoechlin [1] ✔️
    279K 9K 65

    "I felt. I felt it all. Too much, it was all too much." in which two cast mates fall in love {SOCIAL MEDIA FIC} {TYLER HOECHLIN X OC} {COVER BY @DAVIDSFRANCO}

  • Fairytale ➳ Derek Hale
    74.6K 3.1K 14

    Faelyn has woken up after years of slumber. Disorientated, the Beacon Hills pack help her, and make her feel at home, while slowly learning to love the girl that seems so lost.

  • Social Media: Tyler Hoechlin✓
    669K 14.2K 99

    In which the new cast member is a social media goddess and everyone has many forms of social media. Completed.

  • Agape ➳ Tyler Hoechlin [2] ✔️
    174K 5.6K 67

    SEQUAL TO GRAVITY "Of course I always loved you. I just never thought you loved me back." {TYLER HOECHLIN X OC} {SOCIAL MEDIA} {COVER BY @DAVIDSFRANCO}

    Completed   Mature
  • New Beginning | Teen Wolf
    169K 5.4K 105

    [ Currently Editing] Katherine Pierce, a curious, funny, sassy 17 year old who's past is dark as the night. After her parents died she wanted to start a new life in Beacon Hills. Getting bit and turned into a werewolf wasn't on her plans but it was destiny got for her. She joined Derek Hale pack, soon enough gainin...

    128K 3.9K 20

    T E E N W O L F ❝Maybe we used to have the same code, but I have a different method...❞ People said it was an legend, but what if the legend is true? S4

  • Falling For Derek Hale -Teen Wolf story-
    4.8M 93.8K 101

    Emily McCall is Scott's twin sister. Her bestfriend is Stiles. A lot of things are happening in Beacon Hills and the trio will discover so many mysteries... Season 2: A lot of things happened the last few months with Emily, Scott, Stiles, Allison, Derek, Jackson and Lydia. Emily doesn't yet what's going on with her...

  • A Twist of Fate -Derek Hale (Teen Wolf)
    1.8M 38.3K 65

    Tessa McCall is bestfriends with brother Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski. One night, the three of them go looking for a body. Well, their lives change from there. Tessa is now faced with heightened senses, werewolf hunters, and sudden feelings for a certain blue-eyed werewolf that are quickly growing. The question...

  • Surviving ➹ Derek Hale [1]
    130K 4.9K 27

    Being human? Not so fun after living 500 years on the run and having enemies left and right. After having the cure shoved down her throat, Katherine flees not wanting her enemies to know that she's now nothing more than a fragile human- specially not the original hybrid Klaus. She ends up in Beacon Hills, thinkin...

    241K 7.8K 33

    It all starts with a bite. A bite turns you. A bite is considered "a gift". But not to Alexandria Chase, a newly bitten werejaguar who struggles with her past and her current unknown ability that puts her as the number one target of a hit list, a dead pool. A dead pool that puts a price on all of the supernatural cre...

    Completed   Mature
  • An Uneasy Accord
    114K 2.6K 100

    After saving her life, Derek strikes up an unlikely relationship with a hunter as they track the Alpha and avoid other hunters, namely the Argents and their allies as they race to learn the identity of the Alpha before it or their enemies do them in. Will they succeed or fail?

    757K 13.4K 68


  • In The Shadows (Teen Wolf) (Shadow Series #1)
    732K 23.6K 30

    All my life I've moved from one town to another, leaving all of the friends I make behind. I've said the words, "Hi, I'm Clara Argent." one too many times. After a while, I've learned not to become attached to anyone when I transfer to a new school. Everything hurts too much when I leave. My twin sister, Allison, and...

  • Broken Things (Broken Book 1)
    42.6K 886 19

    Derek Hale's life hasn't been easy. Between dealing with the deaths of his family and most of his pack, Derek's a bit broken. And his life has just gotten more complicated with the return of a ghost from his past. Seeking to warn his current pack, a chance encounter with a new addition to the animal clinic sets him on...

  • The Other Girl ( Teen Wolf )
    6.9M 134K 93

    Scott's sister Emily gets herself into trouble when she falls for a guy who might cost her more than her heart. This is a Pg-13 story. It will contain adult material so please be warned. (JUST TO CLEAR UP SOME STUFF! If you do not watch Teen Wolf you will be able to understand this :) I will explain everything that g...

  • His Bestie
    136K 2.9K 22

    {Danielle Griffin}: Werewolf (beta), 5'8, tan skin, dark brown hair, cocoa eyes, cute, quirky, athletic, stylish, smart, charismatic, and your everyday cheerleader, no she isn't an actual cheerleader, she is just that healthy dose of optimism each and everyday. {Derek Hale}: Werewolf (Alpha), 6 feet tall, light ta...

  • Playing the Vixen 》Teen Wolf
    341K 11.5K 17

    Beacon Hills, California is known through out the supernatural world. That's why Arden finds herself drawn to the small town. She packs up her things and says goodbye to her work-alcoholic mother to move in with her dad. Arden doesn't have to worry saying goodbye to any friends because her mom always thought i...

  • Blue eyes [Teen wolf/Derek Hale]
    3.6M 124K 157

    Liz finally gets an opportunity to run away from her abusive father. With nowhere to go, she decides to go to her best (and only) friend; Stiles. Together they've fought mythical monsters online and they've become good friends. What happens when she chooses to get in the middle of all the hidden conflict of Beacon Hil...

  • Newly Bitten // Teen Wolf
    414K 11.1K 30

    Erin and Isaac have been best friends for a long time. They live together with Isaac's dad, because her family decided to just leave her and move. Erin has had a crush on Isaac for awhile, and has never said a word about it. They both got abused by Isaac's dad, Isaac more than Erin, and are no where near popular at sc...

  • The Archer ➳ Derek Hale {1}
    763K 19.5K 55

    Abigail Argent wasn't brilliantly excited about moving to yet another new town. Another new day, another new house, another new group of people.. The worst was never knowing how long it would last. She was different from a majority of teenage girls in many ways. Knowing her family's secret wasn't the difficult part o...

  • always attract 🌙 derek hale | COMPLETED
    203K 7.5K 31

    It all started out for Derek Hale when he was at the age of seven, entering his second grade class for the first time. To say he was excited was an understatement. He was straight up pumped. The cheerful boy was always in the mood for an adventure, spreading his warm attitude and positive outlook with everyone he met...

  • Ghost ↬ Derek Hale
    1.1M 34.8K 42

    "I'm searching for something that I can't reach." ↬ Lily Stilinski's biggest problems in life used to be easily defined: figuring out how to get her friends to be civil towards one another, not missing the delivery time for her next collectable and finding out how to convince people that - yes, she does have a collect...

  • Pretty Reckless » Derek Hale [1]
    738K 19.3K 22

    [COMPLETED/EDITING] ❝It was my fault for caring. I've made a habit of never doing that again.❞ All teenagers dealt with first-world problems that seemed apocalyptic. Those problems went from asking out your high school crush or picking the perfect prom dress for your Cinderella night. For Clara Lennon, all those pr...

  • Gone Girl » Derek Hale [2]
    306K 10.8K 27

    {Sequel to Pretty Reckless} "The light, that fierce gleam, left her eyes and he knew she was long gone." Clara Lennon thought that all her problems would slowly decreased since the annoyingly murderous Alpha Peter Hale was killed. But as time goes on, a certain lacrosse co-captain becomes something unnatural and somet...

  • The Only One ( Teen Wolf )
    1.1M 23.9K 33

    THIS IS THE SECOND BOOK TO MY OTHER STORY "The Other Girl!" So please if you haven't read The Other Girl, please go read it first :) This second book probably WONT make and sense if you don't! PLEASE GO READ "THE OTHER GIRL" FIRST AND STOP READING THIS RIGHT NOW! I just don't want to spoil anything for you guys if you...

  • Rebel ♛ Derek Hale [1] #wattys2016
    787K 21.5K 26

    "When will you learn that being a so-called 'rebel' won't get you anywhere?" "It got me here, didn't it?" Rebecca McCall is finally coming home after spending a good portion of her schooling life at a boarding school for 'troubled young ladies'. But when she returns to the town she so fondly called home, she begins to...

  • Human ➳ Derek Hale (Back?)
    183K 6.5K 20

    Back? "I am lost and led only by the stars." ➳ Imagine living through a wolf beast, a giant walking snake, some unfortunate and annoyingly bloody powers and the heart wrenching ship that is Scallison, only to discover that wasn't the worst it could get. Yep, I'm sure you can understand why Lily Stilinski feels cheated...

  • Fireball || Derek Hale [1]
    1M 26.8K 29

    "It ain't about how hard you can hit; it's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward." -Rocky Balboa (Season 1) (Imelda Drake series) (Book 1) COMPLETED T E E N W O L F (OC X DEREK HALE)

    Completed   Mature
  • Caution, Purpose and Faith '-'-'-' A Derek Hale Story'-'-'-'
    203K 5.6K 27

    Derek Hale wanted power, ever since he avenged his sister’s death that’s all he could think about. It was his ultimate plan as the new Alpha of Beacon Hills. So when he found the young girl who was attacked and bitten he took her in as a new addition to his already pack of three. But things did not go the way he plann...

    Completed   Mature
  • Reason---Sequel to CPF---A Derek Hale Story (Teen Wolf fanfic)
    96.2K 2.3K 23

    <i>"No I don't, why don't you show me?" He challenged staring her down, Meg would have gazed back" if his lips weren't so distracting. Derek always liked being dominant, she supposed it was part of his charm-and competitive nature-sometimes she was submissive but other times, like now, she wanted to rebel. "Why...