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  • The Spaces In Between
    13.3M 288K 62

    [SELF PUBLISHED - 2016]

  • Give In To You (GLS#3)
    112M 2.5M 65

    Portia Cecilia Ignacio is a model daughter. Siya na ang mahal na mahal ang kanyang mga magulang. Gagawin niya ang lahat para lang sa ikakasaya ng pamilya. She would climb mountains and swim vast oceans just for the happiness of her beloved parents and family. Pero minsan, sa sobra sobrang pagmamahal sa ibang tao, naka...

  • Broken Melody (EndMira: Ayen)
    10.9M 405K 47

    Sad songs, broken melody, two lonely souls.

  • The Gorgeous Nanny (The Neighbors Series #2)
    5.6M 112K 50

    The Neighbors Series #2 Highest Rank: #1 in General Fiction ** Meet the rich, gorgeous, hot and sexy Sapphire Briones. She loves to hang-out with her friends but most of the time, she's hanging out with a lot of guys. Yes, she is a playirl. You can always see her making-out with some random guys at the bar. Yes, she's...

  • Project LOKI: Volume 1
    53M 861K 32

    Join Lorelei and Loki as they unravel the threads of mystery, unveil the masks of evil intentions and put together the pieces of the puzzle in their adventures. Looking for VOLUME 2? Read it here: Looking for VOLUME 3? Read it here: https://www.wattpad...

  • The Boy Next Door (Completed)
    83.4M 988K 98

    Now a published book! TBND Part 1 and Part 2 are already out at bookstores and newsstands nationwide. © ScribblerMia, 2012 Book Cover by: ‪Colesseum

    Completed   Mature
  • Angel in Disguise
    40.3M 768K 61

    Once upon a time, I am the biggest jerk in the world, until I met this crazy little angel, and everything turns upside down.

  • The Pregnant Virgin
    34.8M 871K 49

    She's pregnant and... a virgin.

  • My Brother's Last Wish (One shot)
    274K 14.5K 1

    Idolo nya daw ako pero sa totoo lang sya talaga ang idolo ko.

  • Sana (EndMira: Jasper)
    18.1M 543K 69

    Nothing is more powerful than regret. Nothing is more painful than knowing that you might not have a second chance to make things right.

  • I met a jerk whose name is Seven.
    12M 193K 23

    HAVEYOUSEENTHISGIRLSTORIES.COM - Story: Cheating is a choice. Love or Friendship? A story about a selfish girl and a straightforward jerk. (TEEN ANGST)

  • The Mischievous Mrs. Maxfield
    67.7M 1.5M 38

    ***The wrong girl is sometimes The Right One.*** Charlotte Samuels thought she'd be stuck waiting tables at Marlow's until all her debts are paid off-in about ten thousand years or so. She definitely didn't expect a marriage proposal from the arrogant Brandon Maxfield who was blackmailed by his father to make her h...

  • The Gay Who Stole My Boyfriend
    11.1M 377K 52

    All is fair in love and war even among the bekis.

  • Lesbi In Love (Wattys 2015 Winner) (Published Under Rebel Fiction/ PHR)
    8.6M 325K 33

    Ang kwentong ito ay tungkol sa tomboy na unti-unting nagkakagusto sa lalaking may gusto sa babaeng gusto niya. Ang gulo, 'di ba? Parang love story lang nila. Kaya basahin mo nalang. Boooom tibooom. Lalalalalalalala~ boom tibooooom ♪♫♪

  • The Most Painful Battle
    12.6M 261K 21

    Si Pierce Useda ay isang gangster, ay hindi pala, isa siyang "feeling" gangster. Isa siyang tambay, mahilig makipag-away at manggulo pero isang gabi nang tangkain niyang holdapin ang isang babae ay nauhan siya ng isa pang holdapper. Ending? Nainlove siya sa girl na dapat nanakawan niya. Susundan niya si girl at dahil...

  • Remember When [Fin] - PUBLISHED UNDER PHR
    1.6M 46K 47

    Barkada Babies Series #5 PUBLISHED UNDER PHR ❣ Price: 199php -- Lahat na ata ng klase ng pagmu-move on ay ginawa na ni Michelle. Umakyat sa bundok, nagtravel abroad, ibinuhos ang atensyon sa trabaho, nag-alaga ng aso- you name it and she had done it. Moving on is easy but letting go is another story lalo na't limang t...

  • The Friendly Wedding (Season 1 & 2) - Published
    10.8M 253K 55

    Nagpakasal ang isang man-hater na si Sapphire sa isang super "friendly" na lalaki na si Johann for the sake na makuha niya ang mana niya. Magkasundo naman sila ni Johann. Excempted ito sa galit niya sa mga kabaro nito. "Friends" naman kasi sila. Hanggang sa araw-araw na lang ay lagi itong topless sa loob ng bahay nila...

  • That Mighty Bond
    14.8M 236K 49

  • The Fall of Alexander the Great (Monteverde Series 3)
    9.9M 198K 45

    Blythe knows how charming she can be and she uses that to her advantage. When she heard that a hot new neighbor moved in, she decided to invite him for dinner. But for the first time ever, her charisma failed her. Alexander likes simplicity. With one look at the smiling blue-haired lady at his doorstep, he could tell...

    Completed   Mature
  • Something Spectacular
    14M 579K 38

    Isabelle Dizon was perfect. A straight A business course student, a sensible lady, a responsible daughter any parent would wished for. But she felt something lacking. She often felt she was living to her parents idea of what she should be, and she started to doubt if that was what she really wanted. As her uncertainty...

  • Good night, Enemy (Published under PSICOM)
    13.3M 577K 75

    (FHS#1) Braylee wants to make her friends happy, Denver wants to get some sleep. She's hell-bent on making the world a better place while he's desperate for some rest. When their paths crossed on a midnight bus ride, he finally found the remedy in her. But, it just so happens that he's the captain of their rival baske...

  • I Have News for You, Mr. President!
    893K 58.5K 93

    Trudis Amplaya, the school's news editor/gossip writer, is always after the news, interestingly scandalous ones. And her favorite target? The arrogant, impudent, and two-faced President of the Supreme Student Council himself, Franz Cantavieja. For Trudis, nobody knows Mr. President better than her. Amidst the everyda...

  • Attack of the F*ckboys
    5.6M 265K 78

    (FHS#2) You better watch out, you better not cry, and you better not fall cuz the f*ckboys just waged a war against Filimon Height's one and only sorority.