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  • SK Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon?
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    Sometimes you don't understand when and how you fall in love with a person! When and how your buried love returns back! Why it hurts you when you hurt someone, someone special? This is a take on Sujal-Kashish's accident scene. And thereafter. Copyright ©RNpoint1857 2017 For another story on Sujal-Kashish checkout my b...

  • Sujal-Kashish ~ Main deeya, tu hai baati!
    1K 21 3

    This is a OS based on a scene of Kahiin To Hoga. Kashish feels hurt on seeing Sujal in pain. She fails to understand why is she feeling sympathetic for the murderer of Piyush all of a sudden? But I have made changes to the scene. Here I am showing that he has returned from jail. He was imprisoned on the charge of murd...

  • Sujal-Kashish Lagi Aaj Saawan Ki Phir Wo Jhadi Hai!
    720 29 2

    Based on the popular rain dance of Sujal and Kashish from Kahiin To Hoga. Enjoy! :)

  • Sujal-Kashish Shots!
    1.8K 44 6

    Few shots on Sujal-Kashish.

  • The Renaissance
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    "Kab tak Kashish ? Kitne din, mahine, saal, akhir kab tak? Kab tak dur rahogi tum mujhse Kashish? Aakhir aana to tumhe mere pass hi haina?" This was the confidence Sujal Garewal had on his love. He always believed Kashish's marriage to Piyush, his best friend was just a compromise. A compromise she did for the sake of...