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  • An Impractical Love Story
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    Vulgatto: So Joe and Sal are starting to find out that they have feelings for each other, that they always have had feelings for each other.......But, what will happen since Joe is married and has kids!!! Stay tuned and make sure to comment.....yeah

  • Staying Strong
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    Sal has become depressed and Joe is there to help all he can.

  • Impractical Jokers: [Joker]x[Joker] Collection
    17.7K 410 30

    Due to having the disclaimer ignored, this story is done. If you want more ship stuff (NOT SAL/Q OR SAL/MURR) then follow @JoeGattoMatters because that's where I am now.

    Completed   Mature
  • Impractical Attraction (Joe & Sal)
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    4 friends, 2 crushes, 1 show. Joe, Sal, Brian & James had known each other for years. They were close, they spent almost everyday together, they knew everything about each other... or so they thought. What if one of then fell in love... with another Joker? Will they cope? Will they run? Or will they confess and tel...

  • More Than a Dare (Vulgatto fanfic)
    5.6K 177 11

    When Q and Murr dare Joe and Sal to kiss things get a little complicated

  • My Best Friends secret
    8.5K 427 21

    Just read it ;) #Jalislove #Jalislife ❤

  • Are we in LOVE?!
    472 18 1

    Sal and Joe. Two bestfriends since they were 14. Two normal, straight guys, right? Maybe not... WAIT?! Are they in LOVE?! NOTE: They're not actually gay

  • The Kiss
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    A Sal/Joe story! :) (They aren't gay, it's fake; totally!) A kiss. That's what started it. But will they will be willing to tell their friends or just break off their fling? #Jal

  • Vulgatto
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    Just a couple of made up storys about the impractical jokers

  • Monophobia || Vulgatto
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    Monophobia [adjective]:An Abnormal fear of being alone. [An Impractical Joker Story] »Sal and Joe have always been friends for a very long time ever since they made a hidden camera tv show called impractical jokers,but after those sweet years they start to develop a what-so called crush on each other.Q and Murr don't...