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  • Pleasing the Darkness
    2.7K 110 3

    Meet Vidiya, a vampire, and the head of the vampire's guard also known as a warloard. She has secrets and unknowingly the key to the princess's heart. Now meet Princess Lavina, the vampire princess who knows Vidiya is her soul mate, and will try just about anything to get Vidiya. The only thing they have in common is...

  • One Step Closer (BoyxBoy) [Short Story]
    29.8K 1.5K 10

    Ethan is a seventeen year old boy who has to live on the streets after he comes out to his parents. He has to fight to survive and nothing comes to him for free. One day he steals money and food from a local store, but that's where he meets a boy who captures his heart and he doesn't seem to be scared off by Ethan's...

  • Rooted Change [BoyxBoy]
    25.4K 1.2K 7

    Let's mess with some stereotypes - not all gang leaders are badass, sex-craved monsters. They have a past, too. - Warning - later themes mentioned may be triggering to some readers or make others slightly uncomfortable; only read if you feel you are fine with content such as this.