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  • Fangs in Space
    35.7K 718 33

    The queen of the damned is bored, rich and insane. After civilisation makes first contact with a new species of alien that closely resembles humans, and are equally digestible, she decides to broaden her hunting territory and invade the lovely peaceful planet of Roke. Only she hadn't counted on there being a vampire-e...

  • Pregnant With My Vampire Boyfriends Baby --- Book 1: The Begining
    222K 3.7K 28

    What would you do if: A. you and your boyfriend lived in a family full of vampires. B. your boyfriend is changing into one over a period of time. C. you got pregnant along the way. Hazel and Kyle have known each other since they were babies, they grew up together, and were basically family. When Hazel gets pregnant...

  • The Conversion
    13.8K 218 15

    Thirty years ago a deadly virus swept through the human race. It infected everyone it came into contact with, leaving its inhabitants converted into bloodthirsty, monstrous, killing machines, unable to feel right or wrong. And no one could stop it. Uninfected humans still exist, living beneath the ruins of the cities...