umoveoutofmyway's Reading List

  • Setting Them Straight [boyxboy]
    • rotXinXpieces
    • 17 parts
    • Updated 3 years ago
    249K 5.9K

    This story is set to be REWRITTEN. My apologies.

  • Insatiable [boyxboy]
    • Robokitt
    • 26 parts
    • Updated 6 months ago
    3.5M 65.9K

    [WARNING: There is MATURE boyxboy action! So if you don't like it DON'T READ IT!] Is it wrong to love two people at the same time? How do you pick one from th...

  • The Pauper's Dream [boyxboy]
    • rotXinXpieces
    • 16 parts
    522K 15.2K

    Having lived a nightmare his whole life, Kasper finds little solice as the servant of rich alphas, Thorn and Naoki of Lithium, but anything is better than tort...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Fag Swag [boyxboy]
    • SkeneKidz
    • 34 parts
    1.6M 41.9K

    When she determines that he’s too nice for his own good, Nick Bradley’s best friend Molly decides to toughen the gay boy up. Sadly for Nick, Molly’s method is...

  • McLovin' [BoyxBoy] [Completed]
    • RainbowsAreAwesome
    • 22 parts
    1.7M 51.8K

    “Your name is Kenneth Kentucky and you work at McDonalds?” I glared at him, “Would you like Fries with that?” He began laughing hysterically and I sighed impat...