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  • Four Colors, I Lived
    263 35 6

    Here are the four extreme colors of my life, those I painted and lived as well.

  • The Hindigram
    5.3K 1.2K 40

    #1 For more than 500 days now! "You feel, I Write. You cry, I write. You lie, I write. You share, I write. You wish, I write. You don't like what I write, Well! Still.....I write." To all the people laughing, crying, in love, heartbroken, depressed... and every possible feeling that can destroy Human. I write & I w...

  • Dusty Ink.
    10.6K 1.2K 31

    This is where my soul hides. It is a book full of words that combines into an art. My only runaway mess of reality. It is a pack of love, heartbreak, and the dark side of me put into one. So, here I scream my thoughts, will you feel my scars?

  • My Friend, My Foe, Forever
    24 12 3

    A very short story. This is a real story, for that boy who is my friend, till now. Epic!

  • The Heart Is Important
    271 50 14

    THE HEART IS IMPORTANT; Stories flow through lyrics. What if you hear people's mind? How it's going to be like being completely original! No "hidden" something, no "exaggerated" something! But "As It Is", from one's mind to another's mind! How beautiful and awesome it would be if you can be the reason for someone's bl...

  • The Adventures Of Quenna Raemonie (The Girl Who Inspired!)
    646 82 4

    This is a novel revolving around a 10 year old girl who is an inhabitant of Europa, a moon belonging to planet Jupiter, and who tosses destiny and wins fate in a flip. Join my brilliant,witty,nerdy yet brave protagonist Quenna Raemonie in her adventures!☺ #10 in Adventure

  • Beyond Cliché ~By Ritika©
    293 70 22

    "Beyond me and you, we all are humans. And sadly, human prefers memories over a person." No no. It's not a love story! It's a journey of a guy, much real, in my words. Together with me this guy discusses and comes out not only out of his own world but also commenting and showcasing the youths who believe in "Beyond S...

  • Short Poems by a Short Girl [WATTYS Winner 2015]
    5.7M 271K 197

    "we sat under the same sky but he couldn't see the stars" -Short Poems by a Short Girl [#1 in poetry 1/22/16] Five foot three, but a big voice. I hope you enjoy my work. Show your support with a vote or drop a comment if you'd like. <3

  • ACHES [Wattys Winner 2015]
    236K 24.6K 394

    Ain't we drowning but still floating in our complexities of love and hatred, happiness and sorrow & life and the journey. Short stories and poetry about true living i.e living through an ache and coming out of it. Want to meet my words in versatile meanings, Come on in! #5 Rank 17th & 25th Aug 2015- Best Coexistence...

  • Like Hurricanes
    847K 56.9K 44

    [THIS STORY WILL BECOME FREE ON APRIL 20TH] After failing sophomore year, Pietro Rossi is terrified, separated from his friends and lost - until he finds Noemi Defelice, and ultimately, himself. ***** 16-year-old Pietro, "Pit", is the goofy idiot w...