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  • Lover's Spit
    6.3K 1.1K 33

    you called me angel then put a cigarette to my lips. ©2017PO

  • Fragments of the Heart
    7.2K 1K 100

    All Rights Reserved Fragments of the Heart ©DaniyahA "these poems are fragments of my heart" #117 in Poetry :: 3/20/17 #14 in Palestine ::8/28/19

  • Wakingdreams
    203 2 1

    poems from a boy who doesn't feel real

  • Note To Self
    7.8K 1.3K 60

    Highest rating: #37 in POETRY Collection of short poems that have written in my darkest times and in my happiest ones. "Lend me your ears please, for a second, a minute, an hour. Let me tell you how one day an evil witch came into my front door and stole my will to be. To just be. To wear my heart on my sleeves ...

  • Milk and Cookies
    1.4M 68.2K 138

    'milk and cookies" is a collection of poetry and quotes about life. A twist on the classic 'milk and honey' by Rupi Kaur.

  • Paradox Poem
    557 67 1

    Poetic Narrative #13: Let me share a dark tale about one happy man, who lived out at sea and was king of the land... (Highest in Poetry: #463)

  • Napoleon
    3.2K 403 17

    ❞he swore he'd let her kill him a million times and a million more before he laid a finger on a single thread of the dress she wore.❞ [©2016PO]

  • Glimpses Of Life
    12.9K 2.6K 57

    what harsh truths did you ignore today? (plot twist poetry) ©2021