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  • Touched By an Angel | BaekSoo
    2.2K 101 8

    Kyungsoo, Baekhyun's angel, was about to be disowned ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Story idea and execution by me Started: 11th of November 2016 Ended: 11th of December 2016

  • The Asylum ✔️
    4.4K 223 14

    highest rank~ #5 in #wattys2k18 __________________________________________ Years ago, the asylums were still in business. When two teenagers are admitted into them, everything begins to spin out of control. The asylums are being shut down, and the workers are illegally killing the patients off, one by one, to ensure...

  • Cause Trouble In Me - Septiplier
    66.1K 4.1K 20

    •completed• ~~~ Even the best of friends can fall in love... ~~~ Mark always started the trouble and Jack would follow. They both got along so well doing whatever they felt like. Jack always felt protected with Mark, as Mark knew he would keep Jack safe. Nothing could cause them to break. Until both Mark and Jack star...

  • The Best Teacher ~ Septiplier
    169K 8.6K 27

    *completed* Sean McLoughlin, also called Jack, has been homeschooled his whole life, and now that he recently turned eighteen, he's tired of it. He has made every teacher he had quit on him, hoping for his mother to let him go. But his mother ends up hiring Mark Fischbach, the best teacher out there. Jack ends up stuc...

    Completed   Mature
  • blank | taekook
    192K 11.9K 21

    jungkook was not just an outsider. he was also an artist. began - 150812 completed - 160728 © rainmyeon | 2015

  • Diary (Vkook, Old Version)
    476K 26.4K 46

    In which Taehyung finds out the shocking truth about his best friend's suicide attempt. Series: ☆ #1 - diary ☆ #2 - once again #3 - finally IMPORTANT: THIS IS THE OLD VERSION, This book has been rewritten! Other languages Spanish: @JexnKxxkie Romanian: @Tae_4ever

    Completed   Mature
  • I Kissed A Murderer |Yoonmin|WATTYS2017
    106K 5.7K 18

    "Didn't you kiss that guy who is on the wanted list in the neighborhood's community last night at the party?" "He is what?!" In which Park Jimin meets Min Yoongi and falls in love with him on first sight. But there's one problem... Yoongi loves to murder.

  • Interrobang
    17.3K 1.2K 10

    Kyungsoo is a normal university student, Kai is a self proclaimed genius and the attraction between the two is more than obvious. While Kyungsoo has an average brain, he doesn't feel the need to pursue further intellect and likes to go with the flow of life, but Kai, a genius with an unbelievably high IQ can never ge...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bohemia - Kaisoo
    55.5K 570 4

    There, where the blood and tears faded into the cold and rain, kneeled a wretched man. Wistful eyes looking upon the stars and moon above. There, where remains of snow lay instead of the gentle laburnum petals, stood the artist under his umbrella. His steps approached the grieving beauty; his hands abated the grip of...

  • Anterograde Tomorrow (sequel)
    26.3K 1.4K 7

    A small sequel to the well known fanfiction, Anterograde tomorrow [ NOTE: I'm not the original author of the original Anterograde Tomorrow ]

  • 86400
    64.4K 3.2K 3

    Sometimes, 86400 seconds is all someone needs, to realize what home truly means. * 86400 - written by dyoongoo

  • 달의 연인: 보보경심 려
    2.4K 97 11

    천년의 시공간을 뛰어넘은 엇갈린 사랑이 온다! 25살 21세기 여성 고하진은 달이 태양를 가리는 개기일식 날, 뜻밖의 사고를 통해 천년 전 고려로 영혼이 타임슬립하게 된다. 하진의 영혼이 들어가게 된 고려 소녀 해수는 태조 왕건 시절, 여러 황자들과 어울리며 본의 아니게 황위 다툼에 휘말리게 된다. 검은 태양이 뜰 때, 차가운 가면 속에 자신의 본모습을 감춘 4황자 왕소가 나례에 참석하기 위해 송악으로 돌아오지만 그를 기다리는 것은 여전히 그에게 차갑게 대하는 어머니와 그를 멀리하는 형제들, 그리고 겁도 없이 바락바락 대드는 해수라는 계집이다. 하지만 그를 두려워하...