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  • Dare
    124K 4K 23

    "I dare you to go hold someone's hand and walk with them for three minutes." I looked around the mall and spotted a boy who was walking with a group of other boys. "Okay." I sighed.

    416K 28K 62

    JJPROJECT / ❝don't think i'm ever unblocking you❞ the first thing park jinyoung promises himself coming back to school after summer break? never date a fuckboy. after losing his friend youngjae to the clutches of the football team and the mysterious rumours that surround them, jinyoung swears that no matter how close...

  • Smartass |2Jae
    116K 10.4K 32

    ❝Don't you think he looks lonely?❞ - In where Youngjae is the smartest boy of his school and Jaebum, to put it mildly, is a disaster when it comes to grades. But he has one thing Youngjae doesn't. Friends.

  • ghost ; 2jae
    19.5K 1.9K 14

    "Can you see me?" ;;a Halloween special 🎃🎉

  • Future - Markson
    10.1K 667 3

    in which mark knew how and when he dies, but couldn't bear to leave jackson. he didn't know that in the end, none of them left anyone. they just lost each other, and in turn everything else. - [boyxboy] [short story] [angst] [previously a one-shot] [capital/ upper-case letters present in actual story] [completed] than...

  • Headphones - 2jae
    7.2K 415 3

    music is the way to love.

  • Mark Tuan, you are mine! (GOT7 || Book 1)
    2.2M 66.2K 121

    **Book Cover is just an edit** There are certain limits to one's dreams but one is always told to be never afraid to dream big. What happens when you push over the boundaries and dream further? Han Min Ae just another girl in the crowd, overshone by the biggest light she has ever seen, GOT7. She never dreamed that she...

  • My One And Only (Got7 Fanfic)
    252K 7.2K 59

    Wendy is a regular Korean girl,who moved from America to Seoul,with her brother. She meets the one and only Mark Tuan,will they end up getting along after their high school years?