• Bad Boy Love
    29.2M 291K

    "I need you," he whispered from the passenger seat. Why would I trust a bad boy? But I felt, for some reason, that I needed him to. I turned to look at him, bu...

  • My Debt to a Billionaire
    16.4M 294K

    Stuck with two dead end jobs, a pile of medical bills, and her rent two months passed due Hailey is stuck in a rut. Scratching the hood of billionaire Axel Mas...

  • Aelswyn and the Angels
    32.1K 983

    In the time of Alfred the Great, King of the West Saxons, the Great Heathen Army came to enslave and destroy... Trystyn Campion, heir to Ealdorman Corfe, was a...

  • The Robber Knight
    5.9M 184K

    When you are fighting for the freedom of your people, falling in love with your enemy is not a great idea. Or is it? Ayla has to defend her castle and her peop...

  • Is This Wrong, Sir? [Teacher/Student]
    490K 7.4K

    WARNING: This fictitious story contains sexual content, occasional profanity, and violence. It is intended for mature audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. ...

  • Lessons of the Heart and the Liquid it Pumps ||
    3.2M 26.7K

    Isadora could sense there was something special about the new teacher Mr.Marrs, and it was more than the fact he was insanely attractive. At the same time Coll...

  • The Boy Who Ate My Soul.
    365K 4.2K

    Jade Devaul's life was pretty simple, until her boyfriend of five years dumps her! Then somehow, she found herself at the mercy of a soul stealer. A really hot...

  • The Death of Me
    50.2K 968

    Estella Hensley returns home from college to her country home in the outskirts of Tennessee to find her parents mutilated in her living room. Distraught and su...

  • The Price of Honour
    567K 10.2K

    Resigned to her lot as a poor relation after the death of her parents, Miss Sophie Fulham is astonished when she learns that her cruel uncle has gambled her fu...

  • Game Plan
    1.8M 38.4K

    Football star, Dirk Curry, is the type of man that women all over the world fantasize about. A deadly combination of endearing charm, outgoing personality and...