• Love & Forgiveness BOYXBOYXBOY
    • AnyaCeres
    • 5 Parts
    • Updated Dec 26, 2015 08:47PM
    12K 694

    Lukas was taught from a young age that "Omegas were to serve and Alphas were to protect". But he despised that stupid pack law for it went against every instin...

  • CINDE, The Kings Mate. (boyxboy) [COMPLETE]
    1.2M 54.9K

    Cinde, that's his name. A slave to his family and to anyone he might know. When the eclipse comes to town the werewolf kingdom's only hope at surviving is gat...

  • The Beast's Beauty
    • PrinceNem
    • 21 Parts
    • Updated Aug 03, 2015 01:17AM
    328K 16.7K

    Elijah Lucas Delmier, better known as Eli, is a 21 year old stripper and the best one within a hundred miles. He has both men and women begging for just one ni...

  • The Pack House (BoyxBoy) [Book 1 in The Werewolf House Series]
    141K 5.7K

    Despite his good grades and happy home, a gay Todd Hightower is lonely. His parents, teachers and doctors keep warning him about his raging adolescent urges. W...

  • His Obsession (Werewolf|ManxMan|Mpreg) His Series: BOOK TWO
    397K 17K

    BOOK 2 from His Rejection He wants me I'm scared of him He's obsessed with me I want to run away far away from him but the urge to seek his comfort was sti...

  • Survival {BoyxBoy}
    84.3K 3.5K

    Raine Foster has been a part of the Karrow pack ever since he was little. Adopted and raised as the youngest son of the Alpha, in a pack so small that almost e...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Possessive Mate (ManxMan) - His Mate Series: Book 1
    • Sir_Graham
    • 28 Parts
    • Updated Jan 15, 2016 08:55PM
    320K 9.2K

    Bryan Bartell is the very definition of what you would call an average student! He's never been popular, or overly smart, or even athletic, and he's extremely...

  • Loving you is so easy (boyxboy)
    2.1K 37

    When Jace Storme meets his mate, who is beautiful, kind, smart and a were, everything gets better. The only thing is that his mate is a guy. His name is Rayne...

  • Lunar [Mpreg]
    283K 9.8K

    [BoyxBoy/Werewolf/Paranormal/Romance] [This is Mature so read with caution.] 'And through the storm I will stand tall and conquer all fear for you give me str...

  • Tunnel Vision (BoyxBoy) - under editing
    • abbyrrs
    • 2 Parts
    • Updated Dec 03, 2015 02:18AM
    174K 3.1K

    Jake is a werewolf, and not just any, he's gay and next In line to become alpha of his pack. What happens when after moving around quite a bit, he finally mee...

  • What Mate?! boyxboy (Hiatus)
    81.7K 1.7K

    The White Knight pack is in terrible crisis. The packs current alpha is getting old and since his only son, Stefan Knight, turned 18 his Alpha added powers ar...

  • Best Day Of My Life [boyxboy]
    79.5K 1.5K

    Julian; he's an average white boy. He has insanely hilarious friends, good grades, a dream to go to college, and.. He's gay? Yes, he is a closet gay who won't...

    391K 9.2K

  • Once Upon A Rejection BxB - Beginnings
    157K 4.9K

    Being rejected sucks. Especially by your supposed mate. It only adds when it's the Alpha rejecting you and you're the beta. Puny and weak. Can't fight worth...

  • The Wolf and the Sexy Nerd (boyxboy)
    76.8K 1.7K

    Kyle doesn't really have the best of lives. His parents hate him because he was born, he has only one friend, Jake, and has never even had a real relationship...

  • "N.E.R.D. = B.A.D"
    136K 3.7K

    Kell Remington rains as the popular, cocky,handsome, and conceited team captain of the football team. With everything going for the captain of the football tea...

    Completed   Mature
  • Crying Wolf (MxM) - BEING EDITED
    45.9K 793

    Faolán is bitter, angry and delicately small; he's the ultimate pack reject, with no family or friends that acknowledge him, for fear of penance. His many prob...

  • My Beta who is also my...mate?!
    18.4K 402

    Future Alpha George Richard celebrates his 'sweet 16' with a not-so-sweet surprise... He finds his mate alright, but it's his best friend, his future Beta, and...

  • Howl to the Moon and Back [BoyxBoy]
    18K 465

    (Sequel to Where's My Mate) Twins Trent and Andrew have their work cut out for them. When they were younger both boys had feelings for each other, unknown to t...

  • To YoUnG tOo mAtE
    442K 13.1K

    Copyright © 2014 by CozyBXBLover. All rights reserved. {__BoyxBoy__} This story is gonna contain adult content that might distur...

    Completed   Mature
  • Moonlit Forest (boyxboy)
    296K 8.6K

    (Book 2 in Werwolf series) Emerson Marks is what some would call a special child. Having a disease as a werewolf is uncommon, but not impossible. Since he was...

  • My Little Omega Mate (boyxboy)
    896K 6.4K

    Puppy is the little submissive Omega. Riley is the big dominant Alpha. With a world of werewolves and an evil council that ruled all packs, they needed to...

  • My Male Mate (BOYXBOY)
    536K 12.3K

    when Justin turns 18 he's excited and egur to find out who his mate is when he finds out his mate is hes in shock not only is his mate not a werewolf but there...

    Completed   Mature
  • Strong Submissive(boyxboy)
    • ladylarkin
    • 50 Parts
    • Updated Jan 06, 2016 08:33PM
    366K 7.8K

    Dustin is an openly gay 17 year old who sticks up for kids at school. He's willing to give his life up for someone he doesn't even know. When a pack moves in t...

  • Weak For The Beta
    518K 16.5K

    (BoyxBoy) [BOOK 1] Caleb Tanner is a teenage boy who's been hurt one to many times. So he made a decision to close off his heart completely from everyone, t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rememeber Me-Book 3 (boyxboy)
    17.4K 462

    This is the final installment of The Reject. A span of four years have gone by and the characters have change. Alan has graduated high school and college...

  • Mated To Royalty I (lgbt) (rewriting)(Hiatus)
    118K 636

    Michael is an omega and his tribe never lets him forget his place. Constantly used a punching bag and slave, Michael dreams of one day becoming free of his tr...

  • Mated With The Alpha ||ON HOLD|| (Under Reconstruction)
    723K 19.2K

    Copyright © 2014 by CozyBXBLover. All rights reserved. {This story needs to be rewritten. It's was my first story so I kinda started off in that not really kn...

  • The Mark (BoyxBoy)
    77.1K 2.1K

    Hey names Jackson and my entire town is full of werewolves. Hell my best friend is the alpha of the most powerful pack in this entire town. I'm human so I make...

    Completed   Mature