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  • Magnus meets Percy
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    Read to find out what happens!

  • Apollo's Greatest Secret (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)
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    This is something I have been experimenting with for a very long time now, so I hope you all enjoy it. Disclaimer: I do not own PJO/HOO, Rick Riordan does. Clue: About the Hunt and Apollo. But let's not forget the man himself, Perseus Jackson.

  • Apollo's Hunt (Percy Jackson Fanfic)-Completed
    430K 11.7K 24

    Ever heard of the only group of boys that Artemis and her hunters approve of? Well this is it. And Percy is right in the middle of it. Apollo had saved and recruited him, Percy having no where else to go... Sequel: "Percy Meets the Boy Who Lived" There will be no Solangelo...even though I find the idea of them togeth...

  • The Past Gods Read The Percy Jackson Series (Book 1)
    82.2K 1K 8

    The demigods from the future are being sent back to Ancient Greece time to.... read books??!!! Well, The Seven, Nico, Thalia, Rachel, and Grover are being sent back. They are going to stay with the Gods and read EVERY SINGLE book about Percy Jackson. Starting with The Lightning Thief and ends with The Blood of Olympus...

  • Truth or Dare, Greek God Style
    26.9K 723 7

    Based off PJO - set after PJO and before HoO - plz read

  • HephaestusTV (A Percy Jackson Fanfiction)
    20.7K 655 36

    Hello there! Hephaestus just invented demigod technology that won't trigger monsters and he made me as the host for HephaestusTV! Every episode is different and unique so tune in every week for godly fun and demigod randomness! Believe me, you won't regret watching. ~ Chloe Gallagher, host of HephaestusTV ...

  • Falafel TIME!!!!
    22K 505 8

    This is a Magnus Chase and Percy Jackson crossover story. It's about that faithful talk Magnus and Annabeth were about to have in the end of the 'Sword of Summer' it's gonna be short since I'm new to this whole fanfic thing hope you like it. I enjoy constructive criticism but plain criticism is just mean so please li...

  • My Uncle the Avenger
    205K 6.5K 18

    After the Giant War, you'd think Percy Jackson would be the most popular demigod around. Not accused of murder and shunned from the world of mythology, only trusted by Annabeth, Tyson and Grover. Scared and alone, he flees from Camp Half-Blood. _.-._.-._.-._.-._ After fighting the Chitauri, all Tony Stark wants is p...

  • Percy Jackson and Uncle Bruce (Rewrite)
    68.7K 2.5K 9

    Percy was abused by Gabe (No rape) it was when his mother died and Gabe was still a total douche that Percy had enough. He ran away and lives on the street. Upon the streets 10 year old Percy jackson stumbles upon 7 year old Annabeth Chase, 12 year old Thalia Grace, and 14 year old Luke Castellan. When they first reac...

  • When Mythologies Meet
    12.2K 440 9

    Basically a story of the events after the Son of Sobek and the Staff of Serapis. Please R&R. I don't own the Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, and Kane Chronicles series. Thanks! Enjoy! Rate and comment if you wish.

  • Family Ties (Percy Jackson and the Avengers)
    136K 4.2K 13

    This is the sequel to Family Habits. If you have not read Family Habits, go read that one and then come back. :)

  • Family Habits ( Percy Jackson and the Avengers)
    1.2M 32.2K 19

    Percy moves in with his long lost uncle, the great Tony Stark, a year after his mom and step-dad's disappearances. How will things play out with Percy's new girl and his new family. Also can he keep his demigod secret with two prying scientists, three spies, a well-meaning veteran, and an Asgardian who knows more than...

  • Percy Jackson and The Avengers
    863K 22.4K 25

    Percy defeats Gaea and asks to be cut off from the gods. What happens when the avengers seek him out? Will he join the avengers? Follow Percy's journey as he deals with new allies and new foes. COMPLETED.

  • Kanes and Percy go to School
    155K 3.5K 36

    Percy and his friends end up meeting the Kanes at Goode High School. You can guess what happens after that. They meet, things go "BOOM!" and such.

  • When Mythologies Collide
    1.7K 70 4

    Sequel to "When Mythologies Meet" The Prophecy of Seven has been completed. Leo is home. Percy and Annabeth finally are on the road to their peaceful happy ever after. Carter is reconstructing the House of Life as the newest Chief Lector. Sadie is advancing in her magic skills, almost to the point of the most powerfu...

  • Friends or Enemies || Kane Chronicles and Percy Jackson
    59.1K 1.3K 18

    | On going story| "After the War with Gaea and the battle of doomsday, things seemed to chill." Unfortunately no, they didn't. Evil is back to terrorize the heroes of the generation. Apophis is back with the Army of Demons. But this time, he has Gaea and her children by his side. This time, they plot to finally bring...

  • Unexpected Allies (A short HoO Kane Chronicles Crossover) [Unedited]
    13.4K 389 6

    When the Seven and Nico pop into The Brooklyn Academy for the Gifted to pick up Malcolm and take him to camp they run into a couple of magicians. It gets even worse when they follow them to camp.

  • Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief-2(when Percy Jackson Meets magnus Chase
    107 5 1

    Percy Jackson along with magnus chase an samirah al-abbas retrieves Thor's hammer and catch the lightning thief....

  • Percy Jackson meets Magnus Chase
    49.4K 874 6

    Fanfic where Percy Jackson goes on a date with Annabeth after Percy struggles with homework. Magnus Chase appears out of nowhere with his Valkyrie, Samirah. Both Percy and Magnus get overprotective over Annabeth, Percy because they are dating and Magnus because they are cousins. Please note: this is work in progress...

  • Magnus chase meets the seven
    39.4K 533 6

    "Annabeth who do you want me to meet so badly" Magnus said annoyed. "That's the thing it's a surprise!" She said more excited than usual. "Just tell me where-" Annabeth interrupted him. "We're here!" Magnus looked in front of him to see a giant group of what seemed to be cabins there were 9 medium sized ones, 3 large...

  • Percy, Jason and Magnus
    1.9K 79 1

    This is a One-shot about the first time Percy, Jason, and Magnus meet. It's not what you expect... This was cowritten with @superwholockian2588

  • The Impossible Quest *Editing*
    8.5K 287 28

    I'm editing this fan fic so there won't be any updates