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  • Thicc: ShadOuge One-Shots
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    Yes, I named the book, " Thicc. "

  • Lil Akuma's Instagram
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    ¸„.-•~¹°"ˆ˜¨ "Ɨ €₳₦ ĦɆ₳Ɍ ₮ĦɆ $ØɄⱠ$ Ø₣ Ⲙ¥ ₱ɆØ₱ⱠɆ. Ɨ₮'$ ₩Ø₦ƉɆɌ₣ɄⱠ~" ¨˜ˆ"°¹~•-.„¸

  • notes and Other crap
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    this basically is a spam book I will update this whenever I feel like crap wich is alot of the time so be prepared for that Please don't read- infinity-

  • Eclipse X Reader
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    You have been accepted as GUN fighter and agent, fighting against the Black Arms that come back for revenge. But there is one alien that you will see...that might astonish you.

  • Gin Heaven (70th Story Special!!!)
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    A Sonikku Heaven...turned out perfect~ A Kage Heaven...excellent for a sequal~ Now how about a Gin Heaven?~ Watch as everything around you...loving silver~~~

  • Zonic's Instagram
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    I'm Zonic. Zonic the Zone cop. I put people behind bars when I'm busy. but when I'm not. I'm here.

  • Infection Can't Stop Us From Loving Each Other [Infinidget-Rookinite]
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    The infection, can't even stop their love, let's the lovers adventures in the book, shall we? The mistakes could be in the book: 1-Grammar (even thought the keyboard fixes it sometimes) 2-Keyboard problems 3-Wattpad crashes on mobile Picture By:ArtisticFlamer on Deviantart I was too lazy to do the cover part

  • Blaze's Instagram
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    I'm kind of bored so why not, and besides it might be fun to share the Fan Art That Fans made of me and my friends

  • To y'all who are depressed
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    I'm only making this to try and end ur depression. I hope I can help with these quotes. You need motivation? Just come read this book-

  • Whisper's Instagram
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    Book about whisper with instagram

  • Love Manipulation
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    Sonic a happy sapphire blue hedgehog Gadget a clam and kind red wolf Love two certain someone's but how far will they go to get there love? [Warning- strong language, manipulation and more~] {This is an au there personalitys , age and more will be altered}

  • Free Book Covers
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    Manic here to say I'll make book covers for anyone who wants me too. Of course I'll make it whenever I'm bored or in the mood to make it. Don't be shy to ask!

  • Manic Instagram
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    hope you like it

  • Sonic ships rp
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    RP any Sonic ships you want. Also smut/lemon and requests are allowed

  • 👑Sonia's Instagram👑
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    Sonia's Instagram. I hope you enjoy!

  • 💚Manic's Instagram💚
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    This is Manic's Instagram, hope you enjoy!

  • ☠️The King's Instagram☠️
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    Scourge's Instagram, hope you enjoy!

  • Scourge Instagram
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    Scourge: Hello I'm Scourge And This Is My Instagram Well Hope You Have Fun

  • мαиιϲ'ѕ ιиѕταgяαм
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    Welcome to my Instagram page!!! I actually have an Instagram account, but I ain't gonna tell you guys >:3 I'm so mean, lol- It's @drummer_theif

  • 🚫Gᴀᴅɢᴇᴛ's Iɴsᴛᴀɢʀᴀᴍ🚫
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    Hello everyone! Welcome to my Instagram!!!

  • A Shiny's Tale
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    Shiny Pokemon. They aren't always gleaming like their name suggests. Yet, they are still such a rarity that they are described with gloss and beauty. However, Shinies are still only Pokemon, and can live normal lives like any other Pokemon dubbed "normal". That brings us to the small settlement of Serene Village, isol...

  • Lil Red Wolf (Rp with Gadget)
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    Admin: You'll be rping with Gadget!!! The cute lil wolf!!!

  • My Knight- Sonadow Fanfiction
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    I couldn't come up with something better for the title... yay. ------ Shadow and Sonic have been the best of friends, forever almost. Or what they call as forever and what is really most of their lives. But when a conflict between schools and roles come into play, they may not be "friends forever" ------ The character...

  • A New Threat
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    Sonic and Shadow were together for nearly three years when something tragic happened. The outcome ruining Shadow's status in public. Shadow disappears without a trace, leaving his two closest friends, Rouge and Knuckles, worried. Now, five years later, a new threat has come to Möbius. And they'll be shocked to see who...

  • Sun and moon
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    Sonic is the Prince of the Sun and his little brother shadow is Prince of the moon. one night, sonic had to banish shadow to the moon for 69 years. Shadow returns to the kingdom and finds out that sonic became the king.

  • Sonadow: Love and Confusion
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    Shadow is a new student at Emerald High. And on his first day, all the hot gay boys instantly fall in love with him. One jock, in particular, Sonic wants to make him his. But, everyone knows the only way to make Shadow their's is to have him accept them as his seme and mark him with a visible hickey on his neck. So it...

  • Your Stubborn *HAITUS*
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    "You're really stubborn, you know that right?" Sonic said as he placed a hand on top of my locker. I scoffed at the senior and flipped a quill in the jocks face. "Stubborn or just smart?" With that, I shoved him out of the way and proceeded down the hallway. Little did I know that he wouldn't give up that easy.

  • Innocence (Sonadow)
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    What if Sonic and Shadow met under different circumstances? Shadow has the mind of an innocent child, and has been held captive by Dr. Eggman for as long as he can remember. Tortured, starved, and experimented on daily. He can't remember anything outside of the cell. He can't remember who he is or what he used to be b...

  • The New Student (Completed)
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    Sonic and gang start another year at their highschool. this year there seems to be a new student, who catches Sonic's attention. WARNING: SONADOW I REPEAR SONADOW! SHADOW UKE! SHADOW BEING REALLY OUT OF CHARACTER! SONADOW CREDIT

  • Accident Happens (Completed)
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    Sonic's friends throw him a surpise birthday party like they do for him and eachother every year. This year, however, it may end diffirently then the other parties and might open up a new chapter for the birthday boy. CREDIT GOES TO SONADOW STORIES