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  • Thaz Cook Book
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    An effort to let the world know about my own easy recipes This book will include Pakistani cuisine Baking Icing And Many more... HAVE FUN

  • Prose and Cons
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    A compilation of snapshots. Any feedback, healthy criticism and suggestion is appreciated :) Also a huge shout-out to @Thazbook who was my motivation to do this. Toodles.

  • Who ?
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    Read and find out @Thazbook She is my inspiration and she also made the cover

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    I am her jinn (devil) it's my story...!! No no its her story.. Well how can we be separated, it's both of us.. it's our story.. EVERY HUMAN BEING HAS THEIR OWN JINN and AN ANGEL . This story is about life of a Jin (Qareen) assigned to Sofia. How does the jin copes with Sofia's fluctuating life. Will he be successf...

  • I love early mornings (7 year old's tale)
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    My seven years old girl, Zunaira Maryum came to me today. she said ''Mama I want to write a story just like you write.'' ''Okay go ahead'' I told her yet I was confused what will I do about it. So here it is. It's short and precise. Well what do you expect from a seven year old with English being her second languag...

  • Thaz Cover Shop
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    Hey guys..! Assalamualaikum to my Muslim brothers and sisters. .. This is basically a place where I update my Cover Art.. The ones I do for my friends and my own books. You can request if you want, I'll try my best to make them for you, Cuz I love making covers the most. .... I just love the feeling when one of...

  • Marine Time
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    I am Ali Hassan, 8 year old, the eldest Son of my Mom. The book had my exclusive trip to Maritime Museum. Click the book and explore maritime museum along with me...!