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  • The Mycroft Journals
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    In life he was a shepherd, downtrodden by the aristocracy and the church. In unlife, he is a vampire of the Nosferatu clan, downtrodden due to his loathsome appearance. But behind the face of a monster is man desperately trying to find his new place in Dark Ages England & Wales. To Vampires, he is Ethan - a hunter, w...

  • The Posterity
    2K 222 15

    Highest rank- #14 in Science Fiction!! Winner of The Golden Key Awards.. Mira Vij is a normal girl. Nothing out of the ordinary has ever happened to her. A year in Russia and she already considers it as her home. So what happens when the most extraordinary thing happens to the most ordinary girl? How will she manage...

  • What I Call Life
    1.3K 176 29

    Marcelle (Marcy) Adams has always had a weird life. I mean REALLY weird. It all started when she got psychosis. Like a lot of people, it started when something really traumatic happened. Her best friend got shot to death in front of her. And she soon finds out something really terrible. But she goes way out of her gam...

  • Dare
    714 44 11

    He accepted the task, She played the game. A love story full of mystery, games and challenges. Will you dare to play? ______________________ Emma Roberts as Sam. Dave Franco as Austin. ______________________ Dare © 2017 | All Rights Reserved This book or any part of it may not be reproduced or copied. Any scenerio in...