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  • Him & Her | ✔
    78K 4.3K 40

    English Short Story | #46 IN POETRY #4 IN MICROPOETRY ❝ she likes him; he likes her. if it's not love, then what else could it be? ❞ © 2016 kyeriella all rights reserved book cover made by @OhWanderlust_

  • Assisting Miss Adams (GirlxGirl) NEW VERSION
    2.4M 75K 33

    "It's not every day that one can say their hot roommate is also their American History teacher..." Sam's never had an easy life. Whether she's battling the nightmares of her dysfunctional past, attempting to dodge expulsion (for the second time), or trying to outrun her problems, trouble just seems to follow her ev...

  • An Ink For My Thoughts
    73.6K 4.5K 78

    from memories that always leave a mark. beautiful book cover: @heynette