• Poisonous (Black Widow Fanfic)
    281 10

    As Ezra Katsurouki finally turns 21, she can move out of her mother and fathers house. Her parents begged for her to stay with them, to stay in the safety of t...

  • My Random Thoughts!
    18.3K 1.1K

    Just a compilation of my rants, daily life, fandoms and basically, everything that we all can relate too. So, just make sure not to drink anything while you r...

  • The Investigator's Apprentice
    1.6K 60

    Sequel to 'The Explorer's Apprentice.' Ten years after Marley's incredible journey, P.J. Faulkner begins one of her own. Back in Miami once again for the hol...

  • Thirty Letters
    779K 46.1K

    One day, Morgana decides to pick up a pen and write a series of letters addressed to those she loves and hates. In these letters, she reveals her deepest fears...

  • Robin's Secret Love
    1.6K 84

    Damian Wayne was that little boy who never really had feelings . After fighting with Catgirl for many years , he has come to realise those feelings he has when...

  • The Write Awards 2014
    3K 64

    The second annual novel-writing competition that not only helps writers gain fame but also helps them finish their stories. Do YOU have what it takes to win?

  • Skye [Loki]
    144K 5.2K

    Skye longed to look at him. She dared to meet his gaze. So when she did, and their eyes met - they fell. Handmaiden to Queen Frigga, she instantly catches th...

  • Surreal Dreams
    114 10

    dream /drēm/ noun noun: dream; plural noun: dreams 1. a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep. ***** That...

  • Lost in Reverie ➢ Peter Pan [OUAT]
    71.5K 2.5K

    The Mills siblings had grown up seeking a life of adventure and peril. But being dragged out of their home and thrown into a prison was far beyond their expect...

  • The Proposition
    11.3K 279

    A Clint and Natasha/Hawkeye and Black Widow Fan fiction. Set after the Avenger Initiative. Why don't you read to find out what happens?