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  • Alter Ego © (Watty Awards 2012)
    6.8K 363 16

    As soon as Lisa bought the first edition of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, her life started changing. Each morning she would awake to find things in her apartment, whether they were jewels or bank notes, without remembering what had happened the night before. Soon she finds out that a certain someone ha...

  • Project: Manhattan.
    788 33 1

    "To be a bitch, you've got to ace the act first."

  • I Write Romances, Not Live Them
    1.2M 32.6K 28

    Five-time New York Times #1 bestseller, Adelaide Maddox, is not like normal 21 year-olds for many reasons. Not only is she one of the most popular romance novelists, she's hiding something from her readers. She's never been in love, never even been kissed. And when Addy's faithful editor retires and a newer, hotter re...

  • Secrets of Dargmonte
    3.3K 112 16

    Lillian Rivertone is on top of everything, with the rich jewels and gold coins stuffed in the pockets of her pleated skirt and cashmere sweater. She lives the life with a pretty face, loyal friends, and the noble title of the "Rivertone of Oceania"; she could get away with anything... But with her school grades, laid...

  • Masquerade {Edited}
    21.1K 469 18

    In a time where the princess couldn't pick her betrothed; Jane finds herself running away from the responsibilities of running the village. She doesn't get along with any of the royals and finds herself suffocating in a lie. Will she be free with the man she truly loves, or will she endure to suffer the life she tried...

  • One's Lonely, Five's Crowded
    1.9K 111 2

    Her brother's death left her alone. With them, her horrible parents. Though her brother's death left her torn, it gave her courage. Nicole Harris went to Child Services to turn her abusive parents in on her eighteenth birthday. Now in her last year of high school, she attempts to survive plastic bitches, supposedly ha...

  • Accidental Princess
    22.8K 478 15

    "Believe it or not, you are Princess Sapphira Khalisira Ayatimah Montari of the Seven Kingdoms. Deal with it!" "I am not, and I will not," I said stubbornly, placing my hands on my hips. To think, I once thought this arrogant guy was hot...okay, maybe he still is, but that doesn't stop him from being a giant jerk. He...

  • Half Blood (undone)
    3.4K 146 12

    Nathan Olivers, a stubborn but cheerful guy meets a stunning purple-eyed chick whose life is completely mysterious. Anne Collins is an excessively beautiful girl that grieves for over a couple of year due to the death of his boyfriend. Everything seems to be stable until they finally stumbled upon each other. They are...

  • Life of a Mental (No longer writing)
    20.3K 962 22

    After two months of isolation and 'working out issues', Liv returns home with more secrets than before she left. Why she left and where she went are questions to all but her and her family. Liv claims to be cured, happy and never better, but is she really all that she says? Or is she still battling the demons of her p...

  • The Secret Life of Inanimate Objects
    11.1K 503 23

    When Terra was a kid, her bed attacked her. Of course, no one believed her - but after that, she becomes afraid of being alone. Her family is convinced that it is a phase, but is it? It's the way the objects in her house move slightly, taunting her. They are telling her that they can get her. Anytime she dares to be...

  • This wasn't supposed to happen ( a student/teacher relationship)
    525K 8.3K 32

    A student/teacher love story. Angelina is a shy girl from sunny California. She's 16 andgoes to Sunnyvale High School. One night, she had a terrible fight with her parents and ran out of the house to a club. Next thing she knew, she was with her Math teacher. They fall in love and go through a series of problems whi...

  • Pregnant With the Player
    4.4M 65.7K 36

    How would you feel if you fell pregnant with your number one enemy? Well, that's what happenes to Emilee when she's still in high school and has to face the last few months of high school pregnant with the schools number one player, Josh.

  • My brother's best friend got me pregnant!!
    1.6M 19.1K 31

    Me and james (my brother's best friend) had been dating for a long time so i decided i wanted to have sex with wasnt my first but with him it was special...he didnt use a condom..if my brother ever found out we had sex he would kill me and james especially because we didnt use a condom. Im dearly in love with...

  • I lost my virginity to my teacher?! ((TeacherxStudent))
    7.2M 67.2K 54

    Sophie Wittgren was always the good girl. High grades, nice personality, never bad, etc, etc. But when she turns 16 years old, she wants to break free of that habit. And the last party of summer is the perfect place to break out of your "good girl" skin. But will things go too far with a complete stranger? And will t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Crushing on Royalty (The Cuttings #1) [To Be Reconstructed]
    2.7M 23.6K 33

    Keller Blakely has issues with dating. It's not her fault the reason for that was due to her disastrous blind date with the devilishly handsome Michael Cutting, who turned out to be less than swoon-worthy. But it seems like getting to know the guy leads to serious amounts of surprises—first, all they need is a bottle...

  • The Boy Who Sleeps On My Bedroom Floor
    4.7M 31K 29

    As far back as they can remember, Emi and Luke have been best friends. However, things start to go down hill after a month of separation and a shock confession from Luke leaves Emi confused. Emotions run high, tension is thick in the air and to top it all off, there's a new boy in town. How will the trio deal the issu...

  • Trapped
    500K 5.7K 29

    Completed   Mature
  • Against All Odds
    78.9K 851 88

    How do you handle the demons of your past, when you can barely face the evil of the present? Can a heart ever be made whole again after tragedy tears apart everything that you've ever known? How do you react when falling apart leads to falling in love? These are the questions that Kandee is left asking herself as s...

  • ...
    2.4K 91 5

  • the lost symbol
    13K 218 10

    The story is all about a symbol which can destroy humanity and can be the biggest discovery in the history of science . Professor Langdon is trying to solve the symbolic codes with all the mysteries. What happens if anyone find out the symbol before him ? The game is on !

  • Hacker
    4K 123 6

    A group of hackers think they can change the world. But they need your help. Are you ready? Jeremy and his friends are trying to overthow a corrupt government where they perform live executions to discern any hacker activist movement from uprising. They desperately make there way up the chain and a matter of life and...

  • Dumped!
    10.7M 188K 35

    Deana Carter has always been superstitious and cynical. She's always waiting for the other shoe to drop and expecting the inevitable - disappointment. So, when she meets Matthew Stewart, she can't help her cynicism. It's all too good to be true. However, she begins to warm up to the thoughts of happily ever after...