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  • See you in Hell || Jinkook
    63.5K 5.5K 18

    Falling from Heaven hurt a lot. Being dragged into Hell by devils also hurt, however nothing hurts as much as having your freedom taken away by none other than Satan himself. Jin just wants to return home. Jungkook won't let that happen, not when he's finally found someone to entertain him. Unfortunately for Jin, the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Coveted
    923K 63.5K 77

    Within the vampire world, The Kim brothers, Namjoon and Taehyung are the most powerful, controlling the entire vampire world with fear and wealth while their most trusted vampire ally Min Yoongi handles all the human affairs of the dirty business. While on a messy clean up job of their former rivals, the men stumble...

    Completed   Mature
  • Off-Limits | Jinkook
    446K 45.4K 85

    Jin is new in town, starting at a new high school for his senior year where he meets the ever-so-friendly and popular Park Jimin, who takes an immediate liking to him, taking him under his wings. Jungkook is a freshman in college, well-known throughout the town for more reasons than one. His bad-boy persona attracts...

  • NUMB / Taejin
    5.4K 457 3

    Taejin Short Story. Completed. ✔ Contains- •Feels •Angst •Mature themes •mentions of self-harm, suicide, death, illness, depression etc.

    Completed   Mature
  • SCENERY / Taejin
    149K 10.2K 36

    Taehyung lives a life as one of the most popular and desired Idol in South Korea and in the whole world. His profession requires him to uphold a careful image infront of the public eye and he struggles to keep his emotions bottled up every single day. But for how long and how far can he go when the world is adamant t...

    Completed   Mature
  • What's Your Name?
    107K 9.3K 53

    "...I'm Kim Seokjin. A school doctor. It is nice to meet you Kim Taehyung" "I know you" "Really?" Jin was surprised for a moment. "Ah... From your other persona?" He realized, feeling disappointed. Taehyung shook his head. "No. You are my first love" 10-08-2020 #4 - Bangtan FanFic

  • Slave to a King | Jinkook
    349K 35.1K 55

    A story in which Kim Seokjin is sent to the King's quarters to service his needs and multiply his bloodline. *Do not read if a "submissive" character type bothers you; further, this book will have strong emotions and triggering content!* Cover by: luvjooniedimples

  • вυт ι ѕтιℓℓ ωαит уσυ || ᴛᴀᴇᴊɪɴ ✔
    55.3K 5.1K 51

    Inspired by The Truth Untold(BTS)/ La Città di Smeraldo The flower is beautiful, what is it called? -Smeraldo Seems like one of a kind. What does it mean? -The truth that cannot be told, the man replied.

  • My Instant Groom | KookJin ✔️
    500K 40.9K 56

    Seokjin: "What if I don't have a fish brain? What if I am smarter? Would you love me for real?" Seokjin is a 21-year-old diver who escaped the island with his best friend to find a new life in Seoul. But due to his obliviousness, seeing a lot of things he only sees in the newspaper, he got lost in the city and met an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beauty and the Brats | Jinkook ✔️
    311K 25.9K 40

    After some months of dating, Jungkook has decided that he wants to be in a committed relationship with Jin, unbeknownst to him that Jin comes with quiet the baggage. After two failed marriages, Jin has decided to date again with the help of his best friend. He was not expecting to find anyone serious enough to want to...

    Completed   Mature
  • He Likes It Sweet | TaeJin/ JinTae
    116K 10.9K 40

    After spending most of his time either helping his uncle in his farm or going on fishing trips with his only friend, Kim Seokjin had planned out how he was going to spend the last days of his summer vacation; he would play video games and eat good food all day peacefully. But destiny threw cold water, quite literally...

  • But, I'm Not Gay | Taejin
    84.8K 6.6K 29

    A story about self discovery; to enter one's soul to find healing, acceptance and one's truth, but... it wouldn't be so bad to maybe have a little bit of help. *DISCLAIMER* I graduated with a Master's degree in Web Browsing specializing in Google and Youtube. Although there are a ton of factual points in this story...

  • Minji's Sitter | Taejin ✔️
    686K 53.8K 71

    Seokjin is a free-spirited babysitter for Taehyung's daughter Minji. He does not abide by the rules that Taehyung sets in place for him or his daughter. Especially considering Taehyung is hardly ever around to monitor him. However, what happens when that slowly starts to change, and Taehyung begins to monitor Seokji...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mirage of the Moon||TaeJin
    177K 16.4K 64

    A power hungry alpha plans to trap an omega in his greed to acquire immortality and limitless strength. An undisciplined trueblood who demands everyone to bow before him but avoids his responsibilities. A gentle clueless omega who had spent a life away from hardships until he is made to learn how painful n cruel the o...

  • It's always been you (Taejin)
    219K 7.7K 41

    Tae and Jin always were very close . What happens when Tae started to have a feeling for his hyung. Will Jin ever love him back??

  • Lost & Found
    34.9K 2.8K 18

    Kim Seokjin faces struggles he naively assumed he would never have to. He finds himself on the path of heartbreak. #3 - jinv

    Completed   Mature
  • Letters || TaeJin ✔
    516K 46.5K 70

    Seokjin is working in a restaurant owned by his best friend. Being a top student in high school and a school newspaper editor, he is very good at composing letters. One day, his best friend asked him to write a letter for his best friend's long-time crush, Kim Taehyung, the owner of a big company in their city. What...

    Completed   Mature