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  • 08. [[Pikase]]
    2.3K 168 15

    08, that hero everyone loved and perished. Despite not knowing who he was you could count on him. Fukase never thought he could meet him one day, and even save him from an attack? What could be the secret behind this mysterious, cold and professional young man and his work?

  • Vocaloid Fanon Ships Oneshots
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    WARNING!: THERE IS LEMON/SMUT I am well aware that there are many errors. The art is not mine. Also, this includes Straight, Yaoi, and Yuri. Front cover art is mine

  • SeCReTS~ (Pikase! Piko x Fukase)
    320 9 1

    Hey guys, this is my redo of Pikase! I will use my now developed Headcanons for this, so hopefully it will give me more motivation and inspiration to update it more often than I did with the old one?? Hopefully, I'll be more satasfied with this, so this one will go better than the other- I'm trying my hardest here- An...

  • -The Last of Our Kind- {Pikase Fanfiction}
    340 22 3

    I finally managed to not be the lazy person I am and make this-- *sigh* Fukase finds himself in a dangerous situation, an apocalypse, this apocalypse transforms humans into beings which turn against human kind. His life was put at risk when his best friend was infected and turned against him. At least that was until h...

  • Flowers [Piko x Fukase fic]
    274 11 2

    The rough yet short male named Piko seems to grow to love the energetic and playful boy named Fukase, the two had clash personalities but something about Fukase seems to spark something in the silver-tongued male..

  • I'm Gay, You're Gay, We're All Gay! 《Fukase x Piko》【Vocaloid Yaoi】
    528 30 1

    "I'm gay." He blurted out, the words he just said not registering in his head until he was standing outside, backpack filled to the brim attached to his back. Who knew that would escalate so quickly? ~*~*~*~ THIS IS GAY YAOI ANGSTY HUMOR IM SO NOT SORRY-- ~*~*~*~

  • Fukase x Piko [yaoi]
    713 60 2

    Ficking yayoi magic and memes

  • Pikase (Piko x Fukase)
    744 23 4

    Hai Everyone! This is my all time OTP, and I hope you enjoy it. This ship needs more love! Please, try to help me spread the love for this ship. Pikase!!!

  • Vocaloid Facts
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    The title says it all

  • Words are Stronger than Pills [Len x Oliver Fanfiction]
    7.3K 445 18

    547. The exact number of days they held him in there. It drove him insane. Well, he already was, but that's not the point. It drove him past the point of insanity that he had already reached. But then they let him out. They gave him no reason, and no real freedom, but getting out of that cell was enough for him to be...

    Completed   Mature
  • Olilen/Leniver Oneshots
    10.1K 450 21

    All the pleasures of Olilen/Leniver compiled into one book by yours truly.

  • Puppy Love [Len x Oliver Fanfiction]
    5.4K 327 8

    Len Kagamine and Oliver are both in kindergarten. Way to early for any sort of romantic relationships. But that didn't stop Len. He was determined to show Oliver his burning feelings of love, even if he had to try over and over again.