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  • Breaking Steele (Sarah Steele Legal Thriller)
    248K 19.1K 58

    From USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Aaron Patterson, the New York Times bestselling BREAKING STEELE. Who is Sarah Steele? The successful, happy ADA or the wild, angry vigilante? Sarah Steele has a lot to prove. Foster care brat turned successful Assistant District Attorney, she's enjoying her magica...

  • The Bad Boy's Piano Girl
    51.9K 2.2K 41

    Every high school girl's dream is to be the best dressed, have a perfect boyfriend and be the next prom queen. Well that is everyone except Heidi... Heidi Thompson is a seventeen year old teenager whose life revolves solely around her piano and getting to Julliard- the best music school in the country. With her best...

  • Colourless
    1.9M 100K 53

    Every child's blood is red up until the age of 18. Once they are 18, a grand ceremony is held. Blood is drawn and the colour is recorded. There are ten colours: White = Government Work Grey = The Military Black = The Government Spies / Assassins Yellow = The Highest Class Orange = The Next Highest Class Red = The Midd...

  • Fight Me
    2.7M 95K 43

    Jessica Westlake is unknown, while Black Lightning is a famous underground street fighter. What most don't know is that they are the same person. After her mother dies Jessica is forced to take care of her little brother and balance work and school. When she finds herself tutoring the notorious gang leader, Clayton M...

  • Love Bite
    64.6K 3.6K 80

    Evelyn Matthews, she is the definition of good. She has friends, lots of them, a boy she likes, a BFF, great grades, she's creative, pretty, sweet, nice, and everybody likes her. That is until her mother gets in an accident and she finds out she has Godparents living in a town an hour or two away. She moves to this t...

  • Saving Sang
    35.9K 2.1K 20

    Bullied at school and abused at home, Sang Sorenson is rarely away from the pain inflicted onto her by others. Called horrible names and given black and blue bruises all over her body she doesn't think too highly of herself and is holding on by a thread. Lets see what happens when you put together a need to run away...

  • Immaculate
    1.1M 60.6K 193

    Sang adds two and two and come up with five.... An Academy Ghost Bird story by C.L. Stone. Cover Credit: Made by the Awesomely clever, Katy Did. Thank you so much. :)

    Completed   Mature
  • Lost Soul
    47.4K 4K 17

    Mentally and physically abused. I wouldn't call myself your typical 16-year-old high school girl. Most girls can't wear white because of their bra or period, I can't wear white because my scars show through too much. Most girls try to be cute and shy, I can't talk. My view on life is somewhat of a personal theory. I b...

  • Fractured
    49.8K 4.8K 36

    Fractured. The story of Andy, a young Academy bird, following her journey through life and a past which only served to make her strong. Read as she deals with her own demons, while helping another broken Academy Team deal with their own loss. Together, Andy and the Toma team help each other put back together the pie...

    Completed   Mature
  • DarkWeb (TEASER ONLY)
    1M 5.6K 7

    Hello lovelies! After a million (!!!) reads, I've taken DarkWeb down. Thank you for all the comments, votes, and reads! A revised, improved, totally portable version of DarkWeb is on sale at Amazon for a couple of bucks if you want your own shiny new copy: In the meantime, I...

  • Independent Woman
    50.3K 5.4K 19

    Sang isn't a fifteen-year-old cowering at the hands of her stepmother. She's on her own. Eighteen and living in a house her father bribed her with alongside two faithful dogs, she's been paving her own way since the payout a year ago. When Marie died in a car accident, her mother was hospitalized and her father remar...

  • Please Don't Leave Me Behind Again (Completed)
    404K 29.4K 79

    Sang Sorenson grew up in Greece and used to be close friends with Silas Korba. But then one day he left with his friend and she never saw him again. At least until six years later, when she moves to Sunnyvale Court in South Carolina. But things can't be fixed with a simple "Hey, great to see you again." Sang...

  • Moving Forward
    56.6K 6.8K 84

    This is a fan fiction of C L Stone's The Academy series. I don't own the book, the characters or the story line. This a tale of teenage rebellion. Every teenager goes through times of struggle as they strive for independence. The boys on the Blackbourne team has a larger struggle than most. Being a part of the Ac...

  • Paint You Wings // Ashton Irwin [au]
    2M 59.9K 62

    "All you needed was for someone to paint you wings; to set you free from the memories that tied you down." ~~~ Emilia Anderson has spent far too many years shielding herself out of fear of being hurt by those she cares deeply for. After losing her parents in an unfortunate accident and becoming traumatized as a resul...

  • The Creatures Series
    474K 4.9K 76

    *★* (WATTY AWARDS 2012 FINALIST) *★* Welcome to the darkness... Book #1 : Creatures of the Night Book #2 : Creatures of the Dark Book #3 : Creatures of the Mist Book #4 : Creatures of the Ice Book #5 : Creatures of the Light Book #6 : Creatures of the Flame (PUBLISHED. ON SALE NOW) Amazon: