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  • It Started With A Converse
    13.4M 589K 30

    || Highest Rank - #1 in Short Story || "Princess, if you want to take back the offer, you can." he states and leans his face closer to mine, our lips almost touching. "N-no, I'll do it." I whisper. "Then prove it." he states with a smirk, "Prove to me that you're willing to do this." "How?" I ask in a barely audibl...

  • The Bad Girl and the Boys
    314K 8.9K 20

    This is not a story about a good girl. This is a story about a bad girl and her boys. ............................................................................................... Emma hated small towns. But what will happen when she moves to one.

  • Dude, don't mess with the bad girl (DISCONTINUED)
    224K 6.9K 29

    Disaster strikes a peaceful town when a bad girl arrives. Cara Jonson, loves to create havoc where ever she goes. She finds trouble and trouble finds her. She has a troubled past that made her who is she today. But it made her stronger than ever before. Ryan Ashford, the resident bad boy of the town. Practically rules...

  • The New Girl
    1.3M 50.9K 29

    After the death of her dad Hayley has to start over in a brand new town and a brand new school. She's a troublemaker, it's in her blood to think she can handle anyone and anything. As she makes her way around the school the cocky teenager develops a reputation for herself, brushing off jocks and cheerleaders, making...

  • The Bad Boy Calls Me Princesa
    56.2K 2.1K 18

    "You look like a sex god" He smirked and blew hot air around my ear, "Fuck like one too." "Care to show me?" **************************************************************************************************************** She smiles. He smirks. He calls her "Princesa". She calls him "Jerk". Meet T...

  • Skater Cinderella (First Edition)
    2.7M 114K 42

    We all know the story of Cinderella. Her father marries a wicked woman, she has brats for daughters, her dad disappears and no one really knows what the fudge happened to him. She gets a new pair of shoes, goes partying, meets a handsome dude, and gets married three days later. But what happens when this "Cinderella"...

  • the Nerd is a Badass?
    303K 10.9K 27

    Well everyone has their secrets. Mine is that I'm part of a gang. I'm also not know to anyone in this gang. Confused? I would be too. I'll explain but you mustn't tell anyone. It is for me to know and everyone else to find out.

    Completed   Mature
  • That Bad Boy in Glasses (Completed)
    29.2M 1.1M 36

    Violet Landon disguises herself as a guy and works secretly as a replacement driver at night for inebriated people who can't drive. 'Stay out of trouble' is the mantra she has always followed. This job is her key to college and keeping it away from her stepmother and stepsisters is her goal. Gage Mathews is a rich bad...

  • Bad boy vs. Badass
    125K 4K 19

    Hazel is the new girl in SouthRiver high school and well instead of being the shy,innocent new girl she is more of the hot,badass,sassy,sarcastic,weird, new girl. Blade is the schools bad boy he doesn't care about anyone except himself, he is super hot but he's a player,everyone is terrified of him except his best fri...

  • The Run Away
    23.7K 1K 14

    Book 3 in the series. *cover by: tifftheawesome ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fern King? No. The 'Fern King' that you knew. That sad, depressed, alone...and so much more. That girl is gone. I have a new life...but not just a new life. A new family. Have I not mentioned that its been 2 years And tomorrow is my 20th birthday...

  • Got To Love The Skater Boy
    19K 479 20

    A move to the south west city of Plymouth means that Ava and her mum have a chance to restart their lives with new people, a new house, and maybe even meet that special someone

  • His Skater, Her Bully [Book 1]-EDITING
    276K 5.1K 21

    She's a skater. He's a bully. When the clash, will it be love, war or both?

  • The girl that was ignored
    171K 6.9K 29

    She's not a popular kid. The one that everyone loves and wants to be friends with. She's not a nerd either. The one that gets bullied and picked on. All her life she's been ignored. At school, home. ..everywhere. Until Thomas, the New bad boy of Laminton High, changes that completely.

  • Jerks Care?
    11.6M 183K 40

    Lucy's life is awful, she has two abusive parents, and can't find a way out. Until one day the abuse gets so bad she is taken to the hospital. In the hospital her life takes a turn for the better when her doctor that was flown in to treat her offers for her the opportunity to live with him since her parents are both i...